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Dads Need Villages Too

There have been countless articles, think pieces and blogs about the importance of finding your mama tribe and solidifying your village. From curbing the feeling of isolation to commiserating over typical toddler behavior to a safe place to vent about in-laws, spouses or the latest loud toy your kid loves, your tribe is indispensable. They go a long way in keeping you sane, grounded, and in the best tribes, caffeinated.

So while we can all agree that mama tribes are important, why aren’t we encouraging dad tribes and villages, too? Yes, in an ideal world, our village would be filled with menfolk, too, but when you think about that village mentality, it’s all mamas, right?

And that’s a problem. Because we are so focused on moms as primary caregivers, we forget that dads might need support and camaraderie, too. This came to the forefront of my mind one weekend as my husband complained about how stubborn and sometimes mean our toddler can be. And even though I assured him that her behavior and his annoyance at it were completely normal, he didn’t have a single “dad friend” he could text his frustration to. 

So here’s my challenge to you and to myself. Next time you plan an outing with mamas and tots, include the dads, too. Help foster those friendships so both partners have an outlet and a sounding board. And if all goes well, you’ll end up with that mythical beast, the couple friends.

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