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Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me - Columbia SC Moms BlogThe band Mercy Me released a song two years ago titled Dear Younger Me. When you hear the song, you can’t help but wonder what you’d tell your younger self if you had the chance. Every time I hear it, I think how much has changed in my life over the last fifteen years. If I could go back to that girl fresh out of college who was ready to conquer the world, what would I say? Something like this…

Dear Younger Me,

That blue-eyed boy who picks you up in his pick-up truck? He will become your husband and you will continue to fall madly in love with him. You’ll get to see him as a devoted father, loving son, determined business owner and God fearing man you’ll be so proud of. Together, you two will experience everything this life has to offer, both good and bad. You really have no idea how much you love him … yet.

Those two kids your heart desires? Double that number … and add one more. Yes, five. You will be that big family you currently can’t comprehend. You’ll have five sets of blue eyes staring at you to meet their every need. It’s a huge undertaking and most days you’ll feel like you aren’t equipped to guide these kids through this hard world. You’ll do it though. Some days won’t be pretty, but you’ll do it.

That career you are working so hard for? It will be fleeting in this world. You’ll experience a great profession and meet amazing people, but it will be short lived. You’ll trade it all in to stay home with the little ones who will call you mom. The days at home will be harder than you think. A lot of days you will look like that lady next to you at the grocery store. You know, the one you said you’d never be like? The one with her hair in a bun wearing ‘gym’ clothes with kids running around everywhere. Yep, you.  Oh and the van she is putting all the groceries in and yelling at the kids to get in? Again, you.

Your family who has been with you every step of the way? They will continue to be your strongest supporters, but your relationships will change as you have your own children. You’ll realize how hard being a parent really is. You’ll also gain another family by marrying that blue-eyed boy. It will be hard watching your family age and some will pass before you expected. Through all the changes and seasons of life, this family will always be your family.

Your friends you have so much fun with? Of course you’ll still have fun, but your desires for friendships will change. You’ll seek deeper relationships with women who won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. These women will become part of your village … and you’re going to need a village with five kids. You’ll seek families with children who will be good friends and influences for your kids. Some friends you have today will be your friends for a lifetime. Other friends will disappear and you’ll often wonder how they are doing. You’ll learn to let people go and know that some are only friends for a season.

How about all the traveling you have planned? Well, you won’t ‘see the world’ like you planned to do before you had kids. Life gets busy, you have kids before you planned (imagine that) and you soon realize how much things really cost. You do travel some and discover many amazing places that are breathtaking, but you develop a heart for missions and desire to serve and support others in places you currently have never heard of.  It’s a wondrous thing to watch your faith and spirit mature. Your faith will transform who you become, influence every decision you make and keep you steady when life gets shaky.

All the plans you have for your life? Obviously, they aren’t as solid as you think. You’ll soon learn you aren’t in control and your life will rest on the truth that God’s purpose will always prevail. Once you let go of your plans … the Type A person in you will want to hold them with a death grip … you’ll experience a life more beautiful than you could have ever planned.

Enjoy the ride. Know that it will go fast. Embrace the difficult times because they will make you stronger than you realize. Soak in the good moments because you’re in the midst of a blessing. Love on people, not on things. Be confident in who you are. You were made for this life.

With Love,

Older You

blue eyes

This face right here? Totally worth it.

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