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Why Direct Sales People Bother Us

Why Direct Sales People Bother Us | Columbia SC Moms BlogWe’ve all received them. Those Facebook messages from a long-lost friend asking how we are doing in the first sentence, right before the next sentence not so subtly asks if we would be interested in (insert any direct sales company that is in existence today). Or a text from a friend asking if we would want to host a “party” for “free items.” We immediately want to respond with an excuse of why we are busy every night for the next year.

But, why are direct sales so bothersome? Why does everyone run from them? Personally, I love direct sales people. I also have been in direct sales in various roles for several years and really enjoy it. And I’ve come to find out my best clients are rarely friends or family.

So, I decided to do some digging and ask a few friends their thoughts…

Why won’t you buy direct sales products?

I only had one or two people who actually responded honestly. Most people are far too polite to admit that they don’t want to support my business methods (even though I wish they would!).

The biggest reason they said they won’t buy a direct sales product is because “it’s too expensive.” This is true. Purchasing from a small business is often times more expensive than buying from say, Target or Walmart. But you are also supporting a single person’s income versus an entire corporation. And let’s get real – we will all still buy from Target and Walmart because we all run out of toilet paper or milk occasionally. And sometimes we just want to stroll around the clearance sections and find random stuff we don’t need, but for $3.50, it just makes sense to buy.  

The second reason my friends gave me was that they “feel pressure to buy it right then.” I’ve got a solution for that. Just tell the person it’s not a good time for you. Maybe you are paying off some serious debt. Or you just spent an exorbitant amount in the clearance aisle at Target. It’s okay, we all understand. But, don’t run from your direct sales friends and act like you don’t get their texts or messages. Simply be honest with them. “It’s just not my thing” goes a long way towards letting someone know they might want to redirect their client base to someone else.

If you don’t want to buy their products, try supporting them in another way. 

I will say though, I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy getting together over a glass of wine and some snacks. So, if you have a direct sales friend who is really focused on trying to make some extra money and you have a good network of friends, be generous and host a little gathering. Most times, even if no one buys a thing – it’s fun. We spend far too much time ONLINE these days and the world would benefit from a little more FACE TIME (and no, not the video application on the iPhone).

And if you absolutely have that friend that just constantly annoys you to death with their multi-posts and constant badgering, then do yourself a favor and just tell them, “Listen, I love you, but you’ve gotten a little annoying lately. I will let you know when I want to do an event with you (or purchase a product, or try whatever they are selling).” And leave it at that.

But, next time you are in the market for some new plastic containers, or want to try a new lip color, or new essential oil or some jewelry, chances are you can look at your friend list (or check out our guide to local direct sales consultants) and make their day by purchasing from THEM instead of running up to your local retail store. Just something to think about. 

Direct sales – love them or hate them? How do you handle requests to buy products?

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