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What Disney Movies Are Really About

What Disney Movies Are Really About | Columbia SC Moms BlogDisney movies used to be my jam. When I was young, we owned every Disney movie, watched each one about 1,000 times, and even through my college years, it wasn’t unusual to find me catching the latest Disney release while vegging out with popcorn. Or wine in my adult years. There was just something so magical about those storylines, and I was so wrapped up in the joy of those movies. 

Well. That is the case no more.

I don’t remember having the same feelings about these movies that I feel now when introducing them to my kiddos. I don’t remember crying so much, but I’m in tears at some point in pretty much every Disney movie I rewatch.  

Let’s just forget these cute titles and give these movies their real labels. I’m too mom-atized to watch them without having completely different thoughts than I had when I was young.

The Lion King: Maybe Mufasa makes it this time?!  NOOOOO! (sobs uncontrollably)

Finding Nemo: A Justification for Helicopter Parenting: Don’t Let That Kid Out of Your Reach, EVER!

Cinderella: This all looks very familiar except there are no animals who help me clean.

Sleeping Beauty: GIRL, embrace the beauty of this nap. Everyone just let that woman rest!

The Little Mermaid: Ain’t nothing bad about a teenage girl losing her voice (am I right?!)

Beauty and the Beast: THAT LIBRARY!!!

Pochahontas: Pretty sure this isn’t at all what I learned in history class.

Toy Story: So this is why everything I put away magically ends up back on the floor?

The Incredibles: Mom stretches to unbelievable limits–superpower, or just a normal day?

And don’t even get me started on Bambi.

Have you had any new feelings while watching your favorite childhood movies? Comment with your own mom musings!

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