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Do Millennial Moms Need Home Phones?

Last month, I blogged about my experience talking to a sales rep who tried to get me to buy a bundle package of cable, home phone, and internet.

I told the rep that I did not need a home phone. I have a cell phone and my husband has a cell phone. Why would we need another one? 

The rep asked what I would do if there was an emergency at home and I didn’t have my cell phone. My answer was I would probably go to my neighbor’s house. Then she pointed out that if I had a home phone, I could dial 911 and they would dispatch a police officer to my house. My reasoning was that a home security system would basically do the same thing.

I hung up without purchasing the package, but her line of questioning still bothered me. “When would millennial mom need a home phone?” I wondered. So, I did a looking for recommendations post and asked my fellow Facebook friends to answer the question. 

Here’s what they came up with:


If you have a teenager babysit your kids, there may be a chance that they do not have a cell phone. In this case, having a home phone would be a good idea. However, other options include leaving your cell phone with the sitter (if you’re going out on a date and will have another cell available). You can also have a “home cell phone” that functions as a home phone (perhaps just with calling and texting capabilities). 

For Kids

If you don’t want to have your kid giving out your cell phone to their friends to set up playdates, it may be a good idea to get a home phone. Of course, the home cell phone could also function as the equivalent to this. 


Some of my friends use their home phone whenever they have to give a number out to a company, grocery store, linked to a card, etc. In this way their phone can function as a junk mail and they can weed out telemarketers more easily. However, another option is to get a “google number” which you can do through your email. It can forward calls, texts, or voicemails to your phone, or you can turn off forwarding and use it as junk mail. 

Working from Home

If you work from home but still want a “work phone” to prevent people from having your personal number, a home phone could be a good option for you. Again, there are workarounds to this such as getting a google number or having on online answering service that forwards to your phone. 

Power Outages

If power goes out and you cannot charge your cell phone a land line may still work. However, this only would work with corded phones. Nowadays, most companies offer “digital” service, which means no power, no phone. With a cell phone you can always charge it in a car or have a portable charger in case of emergencies. 

Foster Parent

In some states, you are required to have a landline if you are a foster parent. However, in SC you don’t need a home phone as long as the foster children have access to a cell phone (that is not password protected) in case of an emergency.

As you can see, there may be some reasons for a millennial mom to get a home phone. But there are also several workarounds, such as getting a home cell phone or a google voice number.

What do you think? Do you need a home phone?

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