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Family-Friendly Fun! Lexington County Blowfish Baseball


My son and I recently attended our first Lexington County Blowfish Baseball game a few weeks ago. Up until last year, the games were played in downtown Columbia, but in 2014 they moved to the brand new Lexington County Baseball Stadium which provides a more comfortable and better viewing experience. Let me tell you, we were impressed!

We didn’t plan for it to be just the two of us at the game. My two older girls decided last minute that they did not want to go because of the South Carolina heat, and my husband had to work. Summers in the Midlands are no joke, y’all!

The day of the game the temperature was in the 100’s. Regardless, the atmosphere was friendly and the stadium was packed. During the first two innings sweat poured down my body, but despite the heat my son, Jack, and I had such a great time together bonding — just the two of us. He has three sisters so it is very rare he and I get to spend time together one-on-one.

The temperature was hot, but it didn’t take away from our good time!

Jack was so sweet on our “date.” We were roasting in the first inning so he walked down to the ice truck, all by himself, and bought both of us some shaved ice — perfect for cooling off under the hot sun. He didn’t ask me for any money the whole time, because had saved up his own money from his birthday. He really knows how to treat a lady!

We had to cool off with some Kona Ice

Shaved ice for two!

Once the sun disappeared behind the trees the weather felt amazing. The Blowfish played a great game and it was exciting to watch — even if you don’t know a lot about the sport. My son loves baseball, and it was fun to have him fill me in on what was happening on the field. Seeing him having such a good time in his element made the experience extra special.

My little southern boy loves boiled peanuts!

His smile says it all – having a great time!

If you’re looking for an activity the entire family can enjoy and you haven’t been to a Blowfish game yet, I would definitely recommend it (check out their schedule here). Tickets are inexpensive at only $5-$9, and often times on the weekends they have fireworks at the games and activities for kids (like bring your glove and play catch on the field with the Blowfish players).

Important Things to Remember When Attending a Game

  • Bring Cash. Parking is $3 (but you can use a card at the concession and merchandise stand).
  • Also, you may want to bring a visor, hat, or umbrella if it’s sunny. The South Carolina summers can be brutal, and every bit of shade helps.
  • Take a towel or blanket to sit on, especially if your tickets are in the outfield. I’m glad I did because those metal stands were scorching.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen! You may be sitting in a spot directly in the sun, and the last thing you want to leave with is a sunburn.
  • They do serve beer and wine at Blowfish games. If you do decide to drink, be responsible.
  • And last but not least, have fun and root for the home team!
Lexington County Blowfish Stadium

The new stadium in Lexington provides everyone with a great view of the game (and beautiful Carolina sunsets).

Opportunities for Free Tickets!

If you have a child between the ages of 5-12 they can get a free ticket to a Blowfish game! Visit Lexington County Public Library and pick up the activity sheet “Incentive Game: Every Hero Has a Story.” Complete 5 of the activities listed and return your sheet to the library to receive a ticket for the July 31 game (while tickets last).

Most (if not all) of our local schools offered a program sponsored by the Blowfish this past spring for two free tickets, as well as a hot dog and soda, if your child read four books. (Trust me, Jack reminded me almost DAILY of this opportunity since he absolutely loves baseball.)

Have you been to a Blowfish game yet? If so, what are your favorite things about going? Are there additional tips you would add to the list?

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