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A Family Tradition :: Dyeing Easter Eggs

A Family Tradition :: Dyeing Easter Eggs | Columbia SC Moms BlogI remember as a little girl my mom would cover our kitchen table with the latest edition of The State newspaper. She would line up all of our coffee mugs and drop colored tablets in them with vinegar and water. It was a special time … a time of family togetherness. My three little sisters and I looked forward to this tradition every spring … along with a new dress, a few Beanie Babies, candy, and going to church.

According to Amy Griswold, a family life educator, “Research shows us that routines and traditions are part of healthy families. Traditions give security to young people, providing a sense of continuity and routine that they can depend on year after year. Such activities help promote healthy relationships between the generations when they are enjoyed and anticipated by everyone. Children will remember the special experiences of family traditions more than toys and gifts.”

When I had children of my own, I kept the egg dyeing tradition alive that I still hold so many fond memories of. And over the years, it has become an activity they, too, look forward to each year. Here’s three reasons why egg dyeing is a great tradition to start with your family (if you haven’t already).

It’s Inexpensive

You can purchase an egg dyeing kit for as little as $1-2 … perfect for the mom on a budget. Even when I was a single parent on one income, I could find an affordable kit at the local discount store. A less expensive kit worked just as well as a pricey one, and my son was happy nonetheless.

A Family Tradition :: Dyeing Easter Eggs | Columbia SC Moms Blog

He is a lot older but he still enjoys dyeing Easter eggs!

It Gives Me Something to Look Forward to

It’s a time where everyone in my family can set their busy lives aside and come together at the table to share a mutual task. It’s fun decorating our own eggs and looking at what everyone else has created. This year I bought a kit with stickers and my youngest loved it. I enjoy spending time with my children and seeing them happy.

A Family Tradition :: Dyeing Easter Eggs | Columbia SC Moms Blog

My son dyeing eggs in 2010!

It Helps us Bond on a Deeper Level

Having family traditions and intentional time together fosters a deeper sense of belonging. I always want my children to feel like they can come and talk to me about anything at anytime. I enjoy our egg dyeing tradition because as we sit and wait on our eggs to turn colors we have meaningful conversations with each other about our lives. And it doesn’t have to be limited to just your kids and significant other. One year while I was still a single mom we dyed eggs with my sister and her family. It was a great bonding time with them too!

A Family Tradition :: Dyeing Easter Eggs | Columbia SC Moms Blog

My son with his cousins dyeing eggs in 2009!

What Easter traditions does your family have? How do you bond with those most important to you in your life?

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