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Father, Your Best Title

Father, Your Best Title - Columbia SC Moms BlogThere are moments that will never leave my heart. Moments like when I told you we were expecting our first child. Then, when you cared for me as my head hung in a toilet plagued with nausea. Or the first ultrasound when you saw your son in his earliest stages of life. Or the first time you felt his flutter of a kick in my womb.

And then the monumental day when you officially became a father as you watched your son enter this world, you wrapped your huge hands around such a small being. You were overflowing with joy and admiration for this child that gave you the title of father.

Since that day, I have watched you become a father several more times and juggle multiple kids calling you dad, sometimes all at once. When you held that little baby eleven years ago, I had no idea how our lives would unfold as parents. This role of father is your best title and you do it with an amazing amount of grace and humility.

You are showing our children how to be responsible and resourceful with all that has been granted to them. You are teaching them how to persevere through the tough times or the times when they want to give up. You are showing them that being ‘different’ in this world is actually a good thing, a really good thing. You are modeling how to serve and love others. You are building a foundation for them to stand firm on for the rest of their lives.

You are educating yourself on various activities and sports only because they have shown an interest in them. You are giving them clear boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not in our home. You constantly give of your time to be there for the big events and for the average nights to tuck them in. You show them how running a household is shared among all family members and everyone in our home is important. You are on the sidelines rooting them on and inspiring them to continue in their pursuits.

IMG_3618You are instructing our sons how to lead a family they may be blessed to have one day. You are showing them how to not only be physically strong, but spiritually strong. You are demonstrating how to be courageous while remaining meek and humble. You are training them to hold great responsibility and discipline themselves in a world with so many temptations. You are modeling how to love and respect a woman in the way God intended. You are embedding a deep sense of integrity in them.

You are displaying the type of man our girls need to seek, for you are their first love. You remain gentle and kind with their tender spirits. You are intentional about building their confidence to embrace who they are. You have learned the art of making ponytails, painting nails and matching bloomers to dresses. You demonstrate an unmeasurable amount of patience through the array of emotions contained in their little bodies. You embrace them with physical affection and words of affirmation they desire.

In a world that is lacking in fathers who are devoted to the God-given responsibility given to them, you have stepped up and owned your title with great dignity and pride. You have worked diligently to financially support your children, but you have given them so much more.

You have given them you. Your time. Your energy. Your attention.

Not only have you blessed them as their father, but I too have been blessed. You have taken the weight off my shoulders that so many single mothers are forced to carry. You have actively accepted your role in this family, so I can wholeheartedly invest in my role as the mother. You have shown our kids how to deeply love their spouse and the importance of a healthy marriage. You have walked this journey with me and been a support system that I depend on daily.

So this Father’s Day, the best gift we can give you is to honor you as the amazing father you are. A father who has his whole heart in it day in and day out. A father who takes honor in this title and acknowledges the huge importance of this role. A father who makes the sacrifices to invest in his kids. A father who isn’t afraid to do the hard stuff, even when it makes the present day tougher. A father who isn’t interested in cutting corners, making excuses or making life easy for our kids. A father who doesn’t waver in this tough world because you have eternal eyes and fix your eyes on the big picture for our kids.

As every day is a day closer to letting these little kids fly in a big world, I am grateful for a father who is steadfast in his love and devotion to his family. This journey is so sweet with you guiding and leading us.

Father, Your Best Title - Columbia SC Moms Blog

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