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10 Ideas for Father/Son Date Night

10 Ideas for Father/Son Date Night | Columbia SC Moms BlogAs a mom, when you hear you are having a boy it’s such an amazing feeling. You know the likelihood of having a “Mama’s Boy” is pretty high. I mean we are pretty awesome, right? One thing that we also learn as moms of boys is that the male relationship is just as important – which is why a list of date ideas needs to be written. Let’s be real here moms, the men in our lives are better suited towards something other than planning!

Now I know the title states “father” dates. However, I do feel any of these ideas can be utilized by any male role model in your son’s life. I just happen to get these ideas from my husband, so I know they are “man” approved. So here you go, a list of ideas to handoff, or use as a not so subtle hint. 🙂 Go out and enjoy that girls night, daddy’s got you covered on the home front.


Did you know in the state of South Carolina anyone under the age of 16 is not required to have a fishing license? The one-year fishing permit for adults is only $10! Fishing is a great outdoor activity for any part of the day. It’s relaxing, and leaves lots of time to talk “man to man.”

Monster Trucks

Every January and February Monster Jam comes to the Carolinas. This has always proven to be a great time for both young and old. Our 5-year-old has been going the last two years, and always asks to go back. While Monster Jam is a lot of fun, it’s also extremely loud. I suggest you bring a pair of noise-canceling headphones for the little ones. 

10 Ideas for Father/Son Date Night | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Monster Trucks!

Road Trip

Think about one thing your son absolutely loves to do. Why not use that idea and make it an overnight trip? We are reasonably close to Atlanta, Charlotte, and the beach. Atlanta has LEGOLAND Discovery Center and the Georgia Aquarium. Charlotte has train museums, Discovery Place and Nascar! Get a hotel room and make it a weekend away. It will be such a special treat for your son!


There are so many organizations out there that need help. Volunteering with your child will allow them to be more open-minded and teach them compassion. Something as simple as going to your local park and picking up trash is helpful. Why not go to the grocery store, buy some non-perishable food items, then take a trip to your local food bank and make a donation? There are also organizations that allow kids to volunteer. So many opportunities!

Sporting Events

If there is one thing South Carolina is known for, it’s their love of sports! We live in an amazing area to catch so many options. Catch a Fireflies game during the summer, Gamecocks Football in the fall, or basketball in the winter! 

10 Ideas for Father/Son Date Night | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Enjoying a Columbia Fireflies game!

Hair Cuts

I know this sounds super easy. However, those few minutes of father and son alone time are important. If a whole afternoon can’t be devoted to a date, 15 minutes at a barber would mean so much!

Build Something Together

Go into your local Lowe’s, Michael’s, or Home Depot. Any of those stores have building kits of you can buy. Bring them home and have your child spend the afternoon building with their male role model. Home Depot and Michael’s also have in-store workshops you can participate in. You can also get lots of ideas from Pinterest!

Car/Air/Model Train Show

There are lots of resources on our Columbia SC Moms Blog Website to find events around the area. Every Wednesday we post events happening the upcoming weekend. Some of my favorites are the Air Shows in both Charlotte and Sumter (these happen once a year). We also love the model train shows that come about every once in a while.

10 Ideas for Father/Son Date Night | Columbia SC Moms Blog


Teach Your Son How to Grill/Cook

So, there are these unicorns out there and they are called “Men who Cook.” If you happen to stumble upon one, make sure he continues the tradition. Taking a moment to teach your son to cook or grill is something they can utilize for a lifetime! Have them pick their favorite meal and go to the store to find the ingredients. Then come home and cook, just the two of you!


Depending on the age of your son, this could be a fun one! There are many fun runs in the area and they happen all throughout the year. Sign up and train together. This could be an ongoing date scheduled daily or weekly.

What are some of your ideas for fun Father/Son dates?

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