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5 Reasons Why I Love Living in Rosewood

5 Reasons Why I Love Living in Rosewood | Columbia SC Moms BlogThere are so many great neighborhoods in and around the Midlands, but my heart belongs in Rosewood. Though there are many, many reasons why Rosewood is the best neighborhood, here are my top five and why my family has called Rosewood home for generations.

1. Parks – eight of them to be specific!

With eight parks residing in Rosewood, there is something for everyone! From intramural sports fields to skate parks to a splash pad to playgrounds, kids of all ages and abilities will find somewhere safe and fun to frolic and make friends.

2. Culture

Our Rosewood Crawfish Festival is our premiere event at the beginning each May but we have lots of smaller events throughout the year like a Mardi Gras parade and festival, the Tasty Tomato and so many more.

3. Food

Rosewood boasts some of the most inventive and eclectic restaurants in Columbia and shows that you can eat well locally without going to a chain restaurant. Established hangouts like Pizza Man and Rosewood Dairy Bar serve traditional fare, or you can head to the Kraken Gastropub for the latest concoction sourced with seasonal produce. And don’t forget our coffee shop, The Local Buzz, known far and wide for its welcoming atmosphere and killer dirty hippie. Add in City Roots, our in-town farm, and there’s no denying Rosewood has food covered

4. Education

Rosewood has amazing educational opportunities from birth through community college. We have Montessori schools, music and arts academies, and award-winning public schools, all leading to the new and improved Midlands Technical College right down the road. There is no better place to further your education and get the most mileage out of your budget.

5. Community

For better or worse, your Rosewood neighbors know your name, they know your comings and goings, and yes, sometimes they can get a little too involved in one another’s business. For a neighborhood only dating back to the 1920’s, Rosewood has an immense pride in its history and its characters. Those of us whose families have been here since their homes were first built can happily recall what used to be where, who lived there, and very often, what became of them.

There is no other place in Columbia I would rather be, running into all my neighbors in the grocery store or at the park, never feeling like a stranger on my block. People move away and new folks join us, but we are all one big and very dysfunctional family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you a Rosewood resident? What would you add to the list?

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  1. Debbie McDaniel June 7, 2017 at 9:47 am #

    Love catching up with friends and neighbors at Publix, Local Buzz, Dano’s and all the other neighborhood places. Rosewood forever.

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