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Satisfaction Guaranteed! The Easiest and Best Choice for New Home Flooring

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with Floor Coverings International to bring our readers the following post. All experiences and opinions are entirely our own.

The Easiest and Best Choice for New Home Flooring | Columbia SC Moms BlogMy husband and I have been considering upgrading the flooring in part of our home for a few years. We have casually shopped for hardwood flooring (or wood-look) and new carpet for our bedroom. The shopping process has never gone well though, and we always stopped short of actually making the upgrades.

I am a work-from-home, homeschooling mom. My husband travels with his job and is frequently gone during the week. We don’t have a lot of available free time together, especially to shop for new floors. We needed to shop together in order to make such a big decision for our home. But the last thing we wanted was to spend hours in a store trying to make such a big decision while also keeping up with two young girls. 

When we came across Floor Coverings International (Columbia East), we were finally able to confidently make the decision to upgrade our floors. I had a completely different shopping experience with them than I had grown accustomed to while shopping elsewhere. Also, from start to finish, Floor Coverings International impressed me with how they worked with us, on our schedule, and made the process smooth and easy. 

Who Is Floor Coverings International?

Floor Coverings International is a premier flooring company serving the greater Columbia, Cayce, and Blythewood area. They provide their clients with high quality design and installation services, and carry the latest available flooring products. These include hardwood, carpet, stone, and tile flooring. 

Floor Coverings International offers their customers a one-on-one consultation, in their own home. They pride themselves on taking the guesswork out of buying flooring for your home, and will leave you feeling confident with the choice you have made in upgrading your floors. 

Why Are They an Excellent Choice? 


My absolute favorite thing about shopping for floors with Floor Coverings International was that they came to me. My husband and I were able to both look at samples of the materials we were considering, and do so in our own home on a Saturday afternoon.

We saw samples in the room where they would be installed. I thought I knew the colors that I wanted before our consultation (you can see all available options on their website). But when we took the samples to different rooms of the house, we completely changed our original selections. Being able to compare the samples in my home first with a flooring expert made me confident I would love our choice (and I do!).

floor coverings international mobile showroom | Columbia SC Moms BlogCommunication

I didn’t feel the least bit rushed to make a decision. My girls were happy and playing (or telling us what their favorite flooring choices were). My husband and I got to focus on making our decision. We were able to ask questions, and get thorough answers. 

Having someone come to us made all the difference. In the past when we were looking at flooring at other stores around town, we did so entirely on our own with little to no help from the staff. With Floor Coverings International, we were guided through the process, start to finish, by someone knowledgeable and totally engaged. The in-home consultation allowed us to make all of our decisions in one meeting, with all of our questions answered, rather than having us make multiple trips to a store. 

We made our decisions during our initial consultation. I knew exactly what the installation process would be, and how long it was expected to take. I was especially impressed to know everything included in the installation cost, without any add on fees or surprises – which included moving our furniture and removing the old flooring as part of the service. Aside from unhooking my television and removing a few items from shelves, I didn’t have to do a thing. 

Our consultant even gave us a list of prior customers who wanted to give a recommendation, and we were able to call and speak to them for feedback. It was a great piece of mind to talk to someone else who had been through the process and was happy with the overall service and product. 

Prior to installation, I received a call, as well as a follow-up email, providing all the details so we were ready for the big day, and it also allowed for that personal, one-on-one interaction to ask questions we had. All responses were timely, and I even spoke to the same person each time I emailed or received a call. It was comforting to interact with someone who was familiar with our order each time.

Floor Coverings International even delivered our materials the day before our installation, so the installers could get to work right away when they arrived the next morning!

Quality from Start to Finish

From my first phone call to the final walk-through, I was met with enthusiasm and appreciation for my business. They worked with my schedule, oversaw the installation process to make sure it was up to their standards, and followed up with me to make sure my expectations were met. 

During our consultation, we shared that we wanted durable floors that looked great. My husband and I learned how our floors would be built, and what materials would be used to ensure our floors would last. Our consultant listened to what we wanted. He then brought in a few choices without overwhelming us with options, and explained how each would match what we were looking for in our new floors. 

My Results

I have been 100% happy with our results. The floors are exactly what we wanted, and turned out beautifully. The installation team was hard-working and professional, and even finished everything in one day. Within two days of our completed installation, the company’s owner walked our home to ensure the installation was complete, up to their expectations, and up to mine as well. They did the same two weeks after installation to ensure nothing had changed and we were still satisfied with our floors. 

Living Room

Before (top) and After (bottom)

Floor Coverings International
Floor Coverings International


Before (top) and After (bottom)

Floor Coverings International
Floor Coverings International

Dining Room

Before (top) and After (bottom)

Floor Coverings International
Floor Coverings International


Before (top) and After (bottom)

Floor Coverings International
Floor Coverings International

How to Contact Them

Interested in new flooring for your home? Floor Coverings International was a great choice for my family. You can visit their website or give them a call at 803-740-5544 to schedule your free in-home estimate. You’ll also find specials and coupons on the website, and can view a gallery of all available materials and options. 

If you are in the market for beautiful flooring, and want a personalized shopping experience with people who want to work with your schedule and truly meet your expectations, Floor Coverings International is an excellent choice!

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