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Grandparents are the Real MVP’s

My grandmother was my superhero. I don’t have many childhood memories without her in them, and the ones she is not a part of, I wish she was there. Just as my grandmother meant so much to me growing up, my children feel the same way about their grandmother (my mom).

There’s something about the older generation that brings a sense of security. They have so much knowledge, support … and spoiling power. They’ve already raised their kids, so they just want to enjoy you … their precious grandchild.

Simone's grandparentsWhen mommy yells, grandma says “whatever.” When mommy says no, grandma says “yes.” And more importantly, when mommy can’t afford it, grandma is always willing to step in and help out.

There are so many great benefits to having a strong relationship with grandparents. Here are a few that have meant the most to me.


We all know that life can be rough at times, but surrounding yourself with good memories and experiences help make it easier. I want my children to have as many wonderful memories as possible — especially with my parents. One day our kids are going to look back and smile fondly at the memories only a grandparent could help create. I just got on my mother today about her anti-picture stance because I want my kids to have as many photos of her and my dad as possible — just like I have of my grandparents. When they get older, it’ll be something they hold very dear.

The kids with the only great grandparent they were ever able to meet. This was taken a few months before she passed away.

The kids with the only great grandparent they were ever able to meet. This photo was taken a few months before she passed away.


When you bring a child into this world, no amount of book knowledge or classes can totally prepare you for motherhood. All of a sudden you have this new human who is completely dependent on you. And it’s hard to remember which book said what where, or what you learned in class when you are holding a newborn who won’t stop crying, or a toddler who won’t eat, or a 7-year-old who is being ornery. Call the grandparents! They’ve been there, done that … and yes sometimes they think they know EVERYTHING and can be overbearing with their loads of knowledge, but don’t let their know-it-all ‘tudes make you ignore some valuable information and experience they have to share.


Sometimes you just need grandma’s help and experience to get you through the hurdles of motherhood.


When I was 14 and decided I wanted to play the violin, my mom didn’t have the money. My grandmother stepped in and bought me one. Now that I have my own children, my parents are always there to lend a helping hand when I need it. Those big Christmas gifts? They come from my kids’ grandparents. Those expensive karate lessons? Grandma. Soccer cleats? Grandma. My mother, their grandmother, has been there at every turn to give them something I couldn’t and while money isn’t everything, it is a part of life and I’m forever grateful.

christmas with grandparents

My grandmother was able to step in and help make Christmas and other things in life as special as she could for me. I’m forever grateful my mom can do the same for my kids when I need it.


I think if I had to choose the most important thing my grandparents could give my children, it would be support. Another person to love them as much as I do. Someone else there to cheer for them at their games, celebrate all the artwork they bring home and hug them when they cry (even when the tears are from tantrum).

If something goes wrong, grandparents are there to help. When my husband was in an accident, my mother took my oldest so I could stay in his hospital room with the new baby. When my kids needed to see a doctor, she’s always been there. I can’t imagine not having her help. If the only thing you have is support from your children’s grandparents, then you have a lot to be thankful for.

When Elind had a 105 degree fever at 3 months old, my mom was there with us

When Elind had a 105 degree fever at 3 months old, my mom was right there with us.

Grandparents are some of the best kind of people to have in your kids’ lives. On Grandparents Day, and everyday, enjoy the time you have with them and the benefits a great relationship can add. My grandmother was an incredible person who never gave up on me and that’s something I’ll never forget. I’m forever grateful to have had her in my life, and that she raised a daughter who is having the same impact on my kids.

What has meant the most to your relationship with your parents and grandparents? What would you add to this list?

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