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Why I am Grateful for my “Nomadic” Childhood

No, I am not a military brat (although my dad is a Marine). I am the daughter of a man who left the military for the business world. The daughter of a very driven man who constantly found better opportunities, sometimes across the country.

It’s hard to put my childhood into a word. I guess I could call it “nomadic”- constantly moving around to a different area where the better opportunities were plentiful. Every time I tell people I have moved 14 times they usually gasp. Then ask if my dad is retired military. I go through the same ol, “Yes, indeed I have moved that many times, and no it did not affect me in the ways you are thinking”.

I am actually happy I moved around so much. While difficult at the time, when I look back now at my childhood I see a lot of positives.

Top of the World

Ability to Make Friends Easily 

I did have to say goodbye to many dear friends. However, I had the opportunity to start over. I had the chance to tell my story to a whole other group of amazing people. I learned to make friends fast. I have always been a social person because I had to be. I was never meant to sit in the corner and feel bad for myself. I got right into the friend making business. Perhaps not all children have such an easy time. This is my story, and I will continue to hope this is the same for everyone.

Appreciation for the Beautiful Country We Live In

The country we live in is amazing. When I tell people all the places I have been they are intrigued. I have been to areas in my own country many people will never visit. Beyond just living in so many states, we have visited so many more. Many people dream of traveling abroad, but first do yourself a favor and explore your own country.

I met so many people from different tribes and cultures. I learned to say “Native American” instead of “Indian” very early on. I grew to love Native American and Pacific Northwestern tribal dance and dress. I learned about the rich history of this country. Colorado in particular will always have a part of my heart.

Beau and I exploring

Cultivated Need for Exploration

I can’t stand stay-cations. I have a need for exploration and want to bring my children along. There is only so much you can see on National Geographic television. My experiences as a child have inspired my children. I tell my stories, and they want to see where Mommy has been. I love this! They have so much need and want to discover new things.

Identifying as American

When someone asks me where I am from I say, “The United States.” When they ask where my accent comes from I say “It’s American.” Most people laugh like its a joke, but I am serious. I don’t identify with any one region of this country. If I was forced, I would say I am a Westerner. I have actually been hired by companies because of the fact I can speak without an accent.

Colorado with My friend Laura from Kentucky

Ability to be Everyone’s Friend

I am relatable. I can go just about anywhere and have a conversation with someone based on everywhere I have been. It’s amazing the conversations that can get drummed up, and the friends you can make, just by having a connection to a region. I have friends in so many states, I can visit just about anywhere and have a place to stay. I also make an amazing travel guide!

Knowing Who I Am

I can without a doubt say I know myself as a person. I know where I am happiest. I know how to be by myself. I know when I have good friends surrounding me. I have been to so many places, and met so many new people, that I know what a sincere, nice person acts like. I have been backstabbed and saved by countless people. That’s all because I have had to make so many friends. 

My “nomadic” childhood made me the person I am today – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Did you move around a lot growing up? How did it shape you?

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