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10 Fun Activities To Do Indoors With Your Toddler

10 Fun Activities To Do Indoors With Your Toddler | Columbia SC Moms BlogMy 2-year-old LOVES to be outside. He takes any chance he gets. If we open the back door to let the dog, he races to the door too. When he sees the door to the garage, he’ll stand there pointing and say “outside?” until we either take him outside (happy child) or tell him we aren’t going outside (tantrum ensues). With the weather getting cooler, we’re probably going to have to find some fun things to do indoors because this working mama is not going to layer up EVERY day to chill (literally) outside. I also don’t want to rely on the television and iPad for entertainment, either. So, here are ten fun, inexpensive things that you can do indoors at home this fall/winter.

Dress Up

Find different hats and scarves and see what kind of outfits you can come up with. Turn something into a cape and be superheroes for the day. The possibilities are endless.

Make Music

Grab some pots and pans or anything that makes noise and create your own music.

Build with Blocks

Or in my house, it’s more like Mommy builds with the blocks and my son pretends he’s Godzilla and knocks it all down. He thinks it’s hilarious.

Build a Fort

An oldie, but a goodie. Grab sheets and blankets and whatever else you can find to build a fort that you can all hang out in. Make sure to have lots of pillows and a flashlight.

10 Fun Activities To Do Indoors With Your Toddler | Columbia SC Moms BlogBake Something

When I’m in the kitchen, my son is always in the kitchen too wondering what I’m doing. We have a cabinet just for him to play in with no child lock so he knows it’s his area. In it, you can find Tupperware and other kitchen odds and ends. So when I cook, he “cooks.” You can bake some cookies and have your little one help decorate with sprinkles or candy. Then, enjoy your sweet reward! 

Make Play Dough or Slime

While slime may be for kids who are a bit older, maybe make some play dough with your toddler. (I hate the smell of commercial Play-Doh!)


“Hey Alexa, play my Kids Bop playlist!” This is a regular weekend activity for us where we all jam out to music in our pajamas.

Make Some Fall and Winter Crafts

My favorite when my older two kids were younger was to take a blank canvas and some painter’s tape and tape out a word (like love or their name). Then let your child finger paint all over the canvas. Once the paint is dry, remove the painter’s tape and voila – a masterpiece that you both helped create. These would also make great holiday gifts for the grandparents.

10 Fun Activities To Do Indoors With Your Toddler | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Have a Real (or Play) Picnic or Tea Party Indoors

My 2-year-old loves “cooking” on his play kitchen and grill. Find a blanket and set it out in the middle of the floor for a fun picnic or tea party. Invite all your stuffed animal friends as well.

Make a Photo Box

This is something that my mother-in-law does and it’s so much fun for my kids. This is especially good if you have family that is far away like we do. Grab different photographs of grandparents, family members and even pets and put it in a box. Go through the different photos with your child to help them recognize who each person is and how they are related to them.

What are some other fun indoor activities that you have found? 

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