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Let’s Be Honest :: On Cleaning the House

Let's Be Honest On Cleaning the House | Columbia SC Moms BlogIn my first Let’s Be Honest post, I shared about my struggle with anxiety. Today’s post will be full of complete honesty as well, but a bit more light-hearted. 

Today I’m spilling my guts about house cleaning. Yep. House cleaning. Or, really, the lack thereof that exists in my house. 

Here’s my confession for today:

I am not good at cleaning my house. However, the ironic thing is that I also hate for my house to be dirty. See the problem here?

Here’s the thing, like any mom, I lead a busy life. I’m a contributor for three blogs (plus write my own), an editor for three blogs, work part-time in health insurance (from home), do some freelance editing, serve as entertainment for children at birthday parties and festivals (as a fairy), and work part-time at USC. This is all in addition to being a mom, of course. And we all know that’s a 24/7 job.

So, when the heck am I supposed to clean?

Now, I will admit, I do a LOT. Maybe a little too much. Although, as crazy as it might seem, my jobs are all part-time, so really, it’s like I work one full-time job and am a mom. Ok, so that’s two-full time jobs. Who am I kidding? And who wants to clean after working two full-time jobs every day? Not me! Nope. 

But, like I said, I hate for my house to be dirty. An oxymoron, if I ever saw one. So what do I do? I clean, but the least amount I have to (I know I sound so lazy right now. However, I refer you to the above paragraph listing all my jobs. Yeah, not a lazy person right here.).

I do the small daily cleaning like sweeping the kitchen (because my children find a way to get more food on the floor than in their mouths when they eat), wiping down the counter tops, picking up toys, and doing laundry. But, that’s really about it. Spot cleaning, really. 

Don’t worry though, my house isn’t a huge pile of disgusting filth. I vacuum too. Occasionally. I have to admit that I do feel guilty when my husband pulls out the vacuum to clean and I realize it’s been way too long since I’ve done it.  

I know I should clean more. I do. In fact, I tried using a cleaning schedule once. It worked for like two weeks, until my ever-changing schedule got in the way of that. I know that I should do things like dust my bookshelves, clean the blinds, mop the floor, clean the windows … but I just don’t have the time. Nor do I enjoy it (and before you say, ‘who actually enjoys cleaning,’ I know people who actually DO enjoy it). 

sweeping, broom, mopping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Now, there is one area of my house that always gets cleaned well. ALWAYS. The bathroom. But it HAS TO. After all, I have two little boys in my house. All you boy moms know exactly what I’m talking about. I see you shuddering. I’m right there with you…

Otherwise, it’s pretty much spot cleaning for me. There’s only one thing that will get me to deep clean my house. I bet all you mamas can figure it out too. You know how I know that? Because I’m guessing you do it too. 


Yep. When I know I have guests coming over, that’s when I break out the mop and dust rag. Now, I’m not talking about play dates or a quick visit with a friend. Nope. My friends have to take me as I am, when it comes to that. I’m talking about when people come over for longer periods of time. Like for birthday parties, and dinner; those times I know people will be at my house for hours on end. And, most of all, when we have family come and stay with us for a week or two at a time. You want to see some cleaning? Come see me a couple of days before my mother-in-law comes to visit for three weeks (yes, three weeks!). 

Yeah … cleaning and I just don’t agree. But, I find a way to make it work well enough so my family doesn’t have to live in a disgusting pigsty. 

How do you feel about cleaning?


2 Responses to Let’s Be Honest :: On Cleaning the House

  1. Vanessa
    Vanessa September 2, 2017 at 3:05 pm #

    This sounds like me and my life! I completely identify with all the part time jobs, being a mom, and doing the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning.

    • Leah Stuhler September 7, 2017 at 11:04 pm #

      I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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