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No, Life is Not Social Media Perfect

No, Life is Not Social Media Perfect | Columbia SC Moms BlogMy life is perfect. Okay, no … not really. Though, it may seem that way on social media.

I have friends and family all over the world. Social media allows all of us to stay connected when we are far apart. I love sharing the moments of joy in my family: my daughter losing a tooth, when my daughters can be the angels they truly are, the moments my family seems to be in perfect harmony. Occasionally, I’ll share how my puppy tore apart my house, how I can’t wait for summer to be over, and how silly my husband happened to be. 

It would seem, though, that others believe only what they see on social media. No, my life is no where near perfect. It never will be. My life is perfectly imperfect. Just looking through the windows of my life won’t give you the full picture, and making judgement on my life from these glimpses will leave you vastly disappointed in the life you think I have. Here’s why..

My Marriage

I don’t often post about my marriage online. Once in awhile I post about how amazing my husband is, and other times I may post how unbearably irritable he is making me. What I don’t post, however, is everything. I rarely post the trials we go through, the times we threatened to walk away, the times we hated each other so much just a thought would cause an involuntary scoff. 

It’s no ones business how my relationship is. Should I wish to post, or even write a blog to share, that is one thing. But I’ve long since learned that people will hold you to the things you say about your significant other. The more I post about the negative aspects of my marriage, the worse of a disposition those in my life will have. And I don’t want that.

I also don’t post all the amazing things my husband does. Honestly? He puts up with me, he’s a good man! And I can’t have other women trying to steal him from me (I’m kidding … sort of)! But he really is a great man, and I could pour and gush over how great he is, but even I would get sickened over that sweetness.


My Finances

My husband and I work … A LOT. In the 10 years since we’ve been together, my husband worked less than a 50 hour work week for about 6 months. He works A TON. I’ve been a little luckier and have been able to stay at home with the kids. When I want to work, I do. I enjoy working. I like working as much as I can. This dedication to our jobs has afforded my family extras. We’re not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we do well for ourselves. There have been times when we’ve struggled and times when we’ve prospered. 

But none of that matters. I don’t care how someone was able to afford their lavish vacation to Cancun or their Mercedes-Benz. Good for them for being able to afford it. It’s not anyone’s business how one manages their money, nor how they spend it. 

My Relationships

I’ve never found it appropriate to “call out” people on social media. Should I have a problem with someone, I either speak with them regarding the issue or I swallow it. My beef with Beth? That’s between me and Beth. I’m not going to put it on “blast” on my social media outlet. Maybe a few years ago, when I was just a youngin’, I may have done this, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve discovered it’s really not worth my time. Most of the time, if I’m posting something it really has nothing to do with anyone in particular. But hey, if the shoe fits…

My Emotional State

My life looks happy when you look through the glass. There are photos of a smiling Jenelle, happy Jenelle playing with her girls, Jenelle and hubs enjoying a date night. What you don’t see is the anxiety consuming my every thought. The tightening in my chest. The feeling of pure terror because we’re going to a birthday party where I know none of the parents. But I wouldn’t want you to see or know these things. These are my demons. I am very open about them but that doesn’t mean I’m going to post each time they strike. Frankly, I hate subjecting myself to it. 

anxietySocial Media is a blessing a curse for our society. It connects us together. Brings the world closer than it has ever been. However, it also has the ability to put rose colored glasses on everything we see. It makes it hard to remember we are only seeing glimpses into others lives, not the full story. 

How has social media changed the way you share details about your life? Do you only share glimpses or do you put it all out there? Has it changed the way you view others?

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