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Life Is Short :: Enjoying My Kids While I Can

Life Is Short - Enjoying My Kids While I Can - Columbia SC Moms BlogThis past week I went to a resort in Myrtle Beach with two of my kids and my parents. One child was old enough to ride the waterslide but the other one was too little. I was glad one of them could ride the waterslide and wanted to – because I WANTED to also! I love waterslides, I love doing handstands in the pool with my kids, and digging in the sand with them making sand castles. Not only do I put on my swimsuit, but I also get out there and really play with them.

Don’t get me wrong. I would totally love to sit by the pool or on the beach and RELAX too. Who wouldn’t, especially busy moms? But let’s face it, with little ones that’s just not going to happen. So instead of being bummed about missing out on “me” time, I changed my perspective, embraced the situation, chased them around, and had the best time making memories with my kids and family.

Playing in the sand with my two year old.

I have always been aware that our time is short. My sister unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 15. We went to bed one night as a family and woke up the next morning broken. Another recent story reminded me that life is short. When 2-year-old, Lane Graves was attacked and killed at a Disney Resort by an alligator. I also have a 2-year-old, so the details were especially heart wrenching for me.

Life is too short to sit on the sidelines while your kids play.

I recently came across a quote by Zig Ziglar, “To a child, ‘love’ is spelled T-I-M-E.”

Time … it doesn’t say love is spelled elaborate gifts or vacations to the beach (although both are nice). Our time is the most special gift.

I want to be remembered as the mom who took time to play with her children. I want them to remember that I enjoyed spending time with them. My family and I dress like cows and go to Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day and are the annoying family in the pool doing tricks saying, “Hey, watch this one!” Honestly, I don’t care what other adults think of me. I don’t feel embarrassed because I am having a good time with my children.

In a few short years they will leave us to go off to college and other adventures. I want to spend time with and influence my children while I have them. I’ll have plenty of time to relax once my nest is empty, but for now I’ll enjoy them while they are little … pool handstands and all.

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