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The Search For The Perfect Swimsuit

I recently took a couple of days off of work. While I was going through my to-do list one of those days, “find a swimsuit” was listed. I’m pretty sure I sighed heavily at the thought of having to 1.) find a swimsuit, 2.) try it on … and then of course 3.) wear the darn thing in public! I took to Facebook with a status that read:

“Looking for a swimsuit is as painful now as it was when I was 16. Where do you moms find a swimsuit that is modest (read: NOT VS…), functional (read: athletic-ish) and CUTE. Cute. I need a cute one. I don’t want black, or solid or plain. I want cute. Has anyone found anything this season? Oh, and I can’t do a 1 piece. #notcute on me.”  

Y’all … the comments were fantastic! So many great websites and ideas from so many ladies, with varying body types, sizes and personalities. I checked out all of the sites and wanted to pass them along, also noting some of the favorite styles and colors I found along the way.  

So here they are for you, in no particular order.

Everything But Water

I had to get over the shock of the initial price tags I saw. I’m sorry (not sorry?), but I cannot purchase a $300+ swimsuit. Yes, they do have “less expensive” options, but still…


Kohl’s has the basics of what you might be looking for in a swimsuit. They are also reasonably priced. I just don’t feel like looking through so many options.


More basics, however they did have a couple super cute ones. Like this one and this one.


These bathing suits don’t have the “pretty” factor that I was going for, but they are very practical and certainly athletic!


The day I looked on the Zulily website, there wasn’t much that appealed to me. However, a friend of mine posted something about a Miracle Suit. Wouldn’t you know it, the other day they showed up on Zulily! While the Miracle Suit was cute (and sounds amazing, right?!), I cannot do a one piece. This particular suit also seems to be for the “bustier” woman, which I am not … sadly.

The Search For The Perfect Swimsuit | Columbia SC Moms Blog


I adore everything J.Crew! Seriously. But their swimsuits tend to be for the teeniest of people, and while I may not be busty, I do have a booty.  However, I will say that I absolutely adore this bandeau one piece.

Land’s End

Land’s End was mentioned a few times on my Facebook post and many said great things about their site. On their site are the Explore Swim Finder (what are you looking for – style, shape, size, control!) and Mix and Match Tool (this was seriously amazing – browse multiple tops and bottoms that coordinate to find the perfect look!). The perfect ways to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


A few friends mentioned that Dillard’s has beautiful suits and a great selection. They were right. There are hundreds of suits!! But honestly, I think that’s just where it becomes so hard for me to have to sift through so many options, that I’d rather go to a site that only has a few (really good) choices.


Athleta is actually a store I’ve been interested in but I’ve never purchased anything from them so I have no idea about quality, etc. BUT, being in the Gap/Banana Republic family, I feel like the quality is probably pretty good. I saw this suit the other day and consider it a very serious option. But at the same time, do I really want white? (gasp!)

Swim ‘n Sport

With Swim ‘n Sport you can shop by designer, style (looking for full coverage bottoms?), or larger cup sizes.  I opted for “full coverage bottom” and found this cute little number.


Who knew that Carrie Underwood had a line of athletic clothing? Not me. She’s got some cute stuff on her site, including this cute printed bottom. I only wish there were coordinating tops under the photo so you didn’t have to start over your search.

The Search For The Perfect Swimsuit | Columbia SC Moms BlogBare Necessities

This site makes me want to perfect my hair’s beach wave. And this site is definitely for a bustier lady, I didn’t see an “A” listed for cup size … womp-womp.

Kortni Jeane

Seriously, make the cuteness stop.  High-waisted, ruffle bottoms and crop-top peplums…everything adorable that we want a swimsuit to be.

Academy Sports

I actually found a couple of tankinis here when I was doing Reynolds’ swimming lessons a couple of years ago. They have some nice options. 

Lime Ricki

Another completely adorable option. More peplums and ruffles. You can’t go wrong with these styles and fun colors!

Piper and Scoot

A little retro, a little high-waisted, and some super cute one-piece options that are sure to turn heads at the pool!  I thought this one was fabulous, but its still not totally “me.”

Trina Turk

Last but certainly not least – a beautiful mix of colors but a wee bit skimpier than what I was going for in my search. This one was really cute and I was actually able to find it a little cheaper on a different site.

So, where does this leave me you wonder? I’m still empty handed, wondering around this world wide web trying to find the perfect swimsuit. Meanwhile, we just booked our beach week and I have exactly four weeks to find something!

Where is your favorite place to shop for bathing suits?

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  1. Bethany Huss May 16, 2017 at 12:01 pm #

    Prana girl all the way!!

    • Michelle Lucas
      Michelle Lucas May 16, 2017 at 4:01 pm #

      Thanks Bethany! I’ve never heard of this company so thanks for introducing me to it!

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