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Loving My Body, Right Now

Rocket Queen Imaging

At this moment, my body is the heaviest it’s been since I was pregnant.

And, I just had a sassy, professional pinup photo shoot done.

These sentences don’t often go hand in hand, but I took the leap anyway.

Rocket Queen Imaging

It would have been so easy to say no. Not right now. After I lose ten pounds. (Or twenty.) After a few more weeks of running. When I’m done having babies. When I’ve got my body completely “back.” (From where exactly? Did it disappear?) At least I could’ve starved myself in the weeks leading up to the photo shoot, hoping for the skinniest possibly result.

But I didn’t.

I decided to go into it completely as myself. Healthy, happy, and full of softness and lumps and curves.

And it was amazing.

Rocket Queen Imaging

This body, right now, just as it it, is all I’ve got. And it has done some pretty extraordinary things in the past 2 years, like growing a 10lb 5oz child, pushing him OUT (somehow), and nourishing him with breast milk for 16 whole months. Today, I am stronger and more powerful than I’ve ever been before. I move more, sweat more, dance more, and laugh more than I ever have before. Yes, my body weighs over 200lbs, but I care for it diligently every day. It’s not about a number on the scale, it’s about how you well you treat yourself. It’s about being healthy, and healthy can come at any size.

Rocket Queen Imaging

Mamas, your body, right now, is all you’ve got too. Take care of it, nurture it, and by all means, work hard to get in great shape. But live in the moment too. Put on that swimsuit. Get in that picture. Wear that sexy dress on date night. Slip into some great lingerie. Practice showing your incredible mom-body some love right now. No matter what size or shape it finds itself in at this moment.

You, mama, are extraordinary. Just as you are.

Want a fabulous photo shoot of your very own? Check out Rocket Queen Imaging and Chris Brunson Photography in Saluda, SC. They will pull out all the stops to make you feel like queen for a day! 

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