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Mama You Need a Day Off

Mama You Need a Day Off | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Now that the holidays have passed, the guests have left, new year’s resolutions have started (or in my case, already ended; RIP diet), and the kids have unwillingly gone back to school, things are calm. JK, you’re a mom, things are never calm. That is why now, more than ever, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.

Self care isn’t just a buzzword, this is some serious stuff. You could use a break, a recharge, an actual DAY OFF. You read that right, a day. Don’t have the means to do a full day? Take an afternoon, a trip to your favorite store, anything that get’s you out of the house, alone.

Let me tell you why. Sometime within the last 30 days (actual date redacted as I am not sure of my employers stance on ‘mental health days’), I happily dropped my oldest off at school and played adult hooky.

Here is what my day was like.


[insert chirping crickets here]


That ladies, that is mama gold. It is silence. Pure and amazing.

My day consisted of;

  • An unrushed trip to Target. I was able to pursue each aisle at my leisure, read labels, and even backtrack to items I missed without the backlash of bored children.
  • I was able to hear the cashier when she was speaking to me and take my time packing my items into my bags and the car.
  • Binge watching my favorite show. I was able to get through not only one full episode without being interrupted by anything, but three! Yes fellow mamas, I said three uninterrupted shows. I also didn’t have to have the volume on whisper to avoid waking anyone up.
  • I was able to stuff my face with Oreos, chips and other highly coveted snacks without being forced by mom guilt to share.
  • Relaxing doing a whole bunch of nothing important.
  • Personal space.
  • Answering to no one (except the school if they were to call – ‘cause you never really stop moming).

What my day did not consist of;

  • House duties; laundry or cleaning – not a toy was picked up by my hands that day.
  • Answering to the beckoning call of “mom” or “mommy” in my house for several daytime hours.
  • Serving as a stand in jungle gym to be stepped on, poked, smooshed, or kicked.

I know what you’re thinking. It sounds great. It was. Take one. Now. Do it. Take advantage of the copious amounts of child care centers who offer drop-in care. Or that friend who offered to take your kids for a few hours that one time while you were enjoying a glass of wine, just know you’ll have to return the favor.

Again, if you’re new to the mom mental health day, start small, try a mom’s mental trip to the store. Build yourself up to that full day. And before you know it, you’ll be taking a mom’s mental health weekend. Did someone say Vegas? 

Do you take a dedicated time off for yourself? What does it look like?

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