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The Mom Who is Never Ready for the Holidays

The Mom Who is Never Ready for the Holidays | Columbia SC Moms BlogIt started with Halloween. All of a sudden, I blinked and it was October. Did we make it to the pumpkin patch this year? Nope. Did we even get pumpkins to carve? Nope. I do still have a small pumpkin pie pumpkin on my desk at work that my boss got me. I should probably throw that away now, right? We actually only made it out trick-or-treating Halloween night. And don’t get me started on that fiasco. I meant to take the kids to a few trunk or treats or Halloween events, but it just didn’t happen this year.

I blinked again and it was Thanksgiving. My daughter and I went to California that week to visit my family while the boys stayed home. I packed the night before our flight. We had a whirlwind week before coming home late Saturday night with only one day to rest and adjust back to the time difference before going to work and school.

And now it’s December. I’ve missed at least one holiday party I planned to go to. I also offered our house to host an event and had to take it back since my husband informed me we are getting our bedroom painted. What? Who does that in December?

We finally have our tree up (fake this year from the attic since there’s no time to go get a real one). We only have the tree up and decorated because my daughter has been asking since we got home from our California trip. Like, she was literally asking the next morning after we got back. Also, why are we asking mommy questions before she’s had her coffee? I told her it would have to be the following weekend because I had to lug everything out of storage and maneuver it past all of the furniture in the hall (from getting our bedroom painted).

I ran out of time that weekend, so I hung up the outdoor lights on a weeknight when it was pitch black outside (since it gets dark at 5 p.m. these days!). I’ve somehow misplaced the stockings though. They’ll turn up, right? 

The Mom Who is Never Ready for the Holidays | Columbia SC Moms Blog

At least he hasn’t noticed the stocking are missing … yet.

Now that the decorations are up (and the 2-year-old is touching all the ornaments), the kids are excited because they think their elf will come back. Because, of course, all their friends’ elves have already made their appearance. Where is our elf? Good question…

Where did I put that darn elf? Why do I go through this every year? I tell myself that I’m going to put him somewhere specific so I can remember where he is next year. Then, I forget where that specific spot is. Luckily this year, my Jewish non-Christmas celebrating husband stashed the elf somewhere since he knew I wouldn’t remember. Now, I just have to remember to move the elf every night (and preferably not when I’m finally settled and half asleep!)

I have grand visions of setting up the elf in all the cute ways I’ve seen online. I’ve saved a ton of ideas, but have executed none of them. Have you seen the new kit you can buy that has each day of December in a package with everything you need to set up your elf in a cute Pinterest-like way? Of course, I found out about this after it was sold out and most likely will forget about it next year. Insert face-palm emoji here.

How many presents have I bought? Zero. Oh wait, I lied. We had our work holiday lunch the other day so I did buy a gift for the white elephant gift exchange. I went to the Holiday Market the other week to shop and ended up with three things for myself. I tend to overthink holiday gifts and try to find the perfect present for each person. That usually ends up with me Amazon Priming like no one’s business when I run out of time. Especially, since we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas.

My kids know my tendencies and call it “pulling a Mommy.” The truth hurts. But I’m a full-time working mom of three, and doing the best I can. Will I ever get it together? Maybe. Will I stress out? Possibly. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my glass of wine while online shopping and trying to remember to move the elf tonight.

Are you a mom who never has it quite together for the holidays?

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