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More Fun Mama Blogs to Read!

So, since discovering the Columbia SC Moms Blog, you’ve found lots of great content, a mix of local events and diverse mamas sharing their experiences in the capital of South Carolina. But since we only publish once a day (twice if you’re lucky!) here are a few more mommy blogs that are good reads.

Hollywood Housewife

Laura Tremaine is wife to Jeff Tremaine, a producer of MTV’s Jackass shows and Bad Grandpa. She lives in Hollywood (of course!) and has two small children. Her posts range from covering Hollywood gossip to fashion trends to entertaining. She also has a feature entitled “Mommy Mondays”.  She obviously lives a very different life than we do here in South Carolina. (I discovered her last summer when she was on a press tour in Europe with her husband while he was promoting Bad Grandpa.) However, some of her daily struggles are so similar to mine.


I discovered Megan Tietz’s blog Sortacrunchy through Pinterest. This Oklahoma mama has 4 kids (2 elementary school aged girls and twin toddler boys), and approaches life with a sense of realism. She’s “sortacrunchy,” meaning she takes different parts of parenting philosophies and weaves them into her own unique approach. She blogs about everything from her family’s favorite board books for babies, to green living, to attachment parenting.

Southern Plate

Christy Jordan lives in Alabama and serves up Southern charm along with her recipes. She’s a mama to a boy and a girl, and her recipes are easy and contain ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. I use her sweet tea recipe. Everything I’ve ever prepared using her recipes is a huge hit in my house (even with my picky eaters!). I’ve given her cookbook as a gift several times, and had the opportunity to meet her when she came to Books-A-Million in November.

Meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Christy Jordan, was like meeting a celebrity!

Meeting one of my favorite bloggers, Christy Jordan, was like meeting a celebrity!


Overwhelmed by the clutter that is your life? Laura Wittman offers tips and pointers to help anyone declutter their life. She provides a weekly Menu Planning Monday feature, and has a “link up” which features dozens of link to other bloggers’ weekly menu plans. (A “link up” offers a place for bloggers to post links to content on their own blogs.) Orgjunkie is a great stop for anyone who is looking to declutter and simplify their life!

The City Moms Blog Network

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the City Moms Blog Network in an article on mama blogs. Their mission: “To connect moms to information and parenting perspectives unique to the communities in which they live; to bring the online world of the mom blog to the local level and encourage women to connect with one another offline.”

The site links all of the City Moms Blogs across the country (34 and counting!). In addition to offering local content, these mama bloggers are writing awesome informational pieces on everything mama. I always find valuable information and ways to connect, regardless of the city the moms blog is located.


What mama blogs do you consider a must read?  Please share!

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