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New Year, New… Nevermind

New Year, New... Nevermind | Columbia SC Moms Blog

2018 is here! It’s time to reflect, release, and reject bad habits. Look out, summer, I’m getting my body ready to lay on the beach! Here’s to that new savings plan that’s all the rage on Facebook: it’s guaranteed to stack my bank account with at least a thousand dollars more! Wait, what about that skin care regimen that will have me looking about 20 years younger if I starve myself and put the food on my face instead? Sound ridiculous? Great, it’s meant to.

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals lately. And I have to say, it’s overwhelming every year. Society encourages us to contemplate how much more we need. Sooner or later, some of us convinced ourselves these “must haves” will make life that much better. I’ve taken a new perspective going forward, that is: I might just be OK the way things are. My family had a great year and we’re finally getting into a groove. Maybe we found something that works. So hear me out. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

You’ve Seen Great Results

I gave up cow’s milk … and my adult acne is thanking me for it. After years of trying to figure out why my face seemed to have a breakout at all times, I finally tried switching to almond milk. I may have read a blog or something that prompted me.

There were concerns: how the heck would my cereal taste? Would my family give me grief? Wouldn’t be the first time Mommy’s experimented in the kitchen! So, I continued my face wash regimen and got used to the new milk. A few weeks went by and I saw a drastic change! It’s been about eight months now and my picky 7-year-old is fine. Daddy’s still got to get on board, but perhaps my happiness and new self-confidence curbed his complaints.

My point is, I found something that worked out great … no need to switch it up. This applies to just about anything and is probably the number one consideration when “it ain’t broke.” I see commercials about this face mask and that. That rapid pimple reducer and this. Thankfully, I have been able to resist the new, shiny toys that came out; it’s saved me money too! If you tried something different last year or the year before that gave you the results you wanted, consider sticking with it and relax.

You Feel Comfortable About the Process on Every Level

I was just in Sunday School talking about how I am working to make goals that I believe are in line with God’s will. It’s been in my recent prayers. It’s an uphill battle when we try to accomplish things that are just not meant to happen. We are more likely to be cognizant of these stubborn goals if we check our moral compass and pay attention to how our decisions affect those around us. Have you been a good steward of your funds? We all had those moments where we contemplate buying that make-up pallet instead of diapers … or was that just me? Maybe it was a new pair of [insert irresponsible purchase here].

The point is that if you found a great way to spend and save, for example, then why change it up? You have something that works. It’s a system that agrees with what your partner and you decided upon. And hopefully, it’s not going to land you in jail! Does it meet your expectations on the spiritual, mental, financial, and physical levels? What other standards need to be met to make sure you are comfortable with the way your system works. Has it stood the test of time?

There’s a Built in Self-Care Component

This idea is part of my consideration with everything. If I can’t figure a way to take care of myself in any process, it’s a deal breaker. I think this is a good practice for everyone to consider. Have you ever worked so much you miss your kids going to sleep? Or maybe you thought making that extra money at home would be great, but it stretched you thin and the investment wasn’t worth it in the first place? My friends and I have been thinking of ways to reach financial goals lately, can you tell? It’s all over my brain!

In the process, we’ve asked each other if picking up that extra job is worth making more money in 2018 if we can’t be present for our families. Does being tired make us snap more at our husbands? The mantra I repeat to myself reminds me that I shouldn’t feel bad for taking care of myself. And that sacrificing my physical, mental, emotional health is not worth increasing the workload I have. It’s alright to take it slow!

I want to make sure you know: I’m aware that things evolve. Life changes sometimes call for us to burn the midnight oil and make adjustments along the way. That’s OK too. I only want to help you take the pressure off yourself to make unnecessary changes when you think you want to keep up with the latest trends. Consider yourself lucky if you found a system. And by all means, please share with us! There are a host of people searching for resolve on various things and it would be a great relief if you helped! We don’t need a new year to reflect, release, and reject bad habits. So, if we make any resolution together, let it be that we start reflecting daily so we can be intentional with our improvements! Happy New Year!

What things have worked for you in the past that you’re sticking with?

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