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It’s NOT always “Fine”

Not to brag, but my life is pretty wonderful. I know to utter that outloud may result in me being one of the most conceited individuals on earth. I am married to a great guy – who I adore. I have two amazing kids, who albeit nuts, constantly challenge me to be a better person. I have dear friends and loved ones. I run a successful makeup and skin care business. All is good.

Except when it isn’t.

When days unleash a ton of disappointments and negativity on me. When loved ones run late; when things don’t go according to plan. When a freshly cleaned floor gets an entire bowl of spaghetti with parmesan cheese dumped on it.

When LIFE happens.

Recently, I had one of those days. When one thing after another happened and after hearing myself say, “It’s all fine” a bit too rushed on a call with a friend, I stopped. I took three deep breaths. I made myself a cup of coffee with my favorite creamer. I turned on Michael Bublé and I sat on my porch and sipped my coffee without my phone. I simply embraced the disappointment. It wasn’t fine. And that was OK. I didn’t post on social media about my wallowing. I kept breathing.

And I realized that I was breathing. And I was eternally grateful in that moment that I was, in fact, alive and could enjoy the feel of the sunshine and the cool autumn breeze. I could enjoy the taste of my delicious french vanilla coffee in my favorite mug. I knew I had just kissed the cheeks of my beautiful babies and the lips of my handsome husband and sent them on their way. And if the day allowed, I was going to enjoy a nice run and a hot shower and cook a good meal for friends arriving that evening.

I know I am preaching to the choir when I say to mothers everywhere – I know you say “It’s fine” probably more than any other phrase in the English language – but, it isn’t always fine. And THAT is fine. Life is full of disappointments and messes and frustration. But life is also full of beauty and goodness and love.

So, take a moment. Shed a tear for that disappointment. FEEL it. And then let it go. And you WILL be fine.

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