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cinco de mayo

Creative Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Columbia with Kids

It’s Cinco de Mayo, which, if you remember your Sesame Street Spanish, means “the 5th of May”. No, it’s not Mexican Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo began to commemorate the victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862, but it’s become a general holiday to celebrate All Things Mexican. Because a) Latin American […]

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self doubt

Rediscovering My Mama Instincts

The baby books tell you normally developing kids progress in a steady forward fashion – smile at 6 weeks, roll over at 4 months, babble at 9 months, walk by one year. The babies gracing the covers of these books are always dimpled and serene in their baby/toddlerhood, seemingly reaching all their milestones gleefully and effortlessly. This […]

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Life's Last Great Mystery | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Life’s Last Great Mystery!

Neither my husband nor myself is an only child. We are both the older sibling to a younger brother, and when we discussed having a family, there was never a question about having more than one child. We never talked about how many we wanted, but we were certain we’d have at least two. I […]

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washi cover

Washi Tape: How To Get Crafty with the Kids, Cheaply and Mess-Free

People have often described me as “crafty” and “creative.” While I’ve doodled some doodles and I’ve written some poems, I’m not a painter or anything super-cool like that. I just like to create from not-so-raw materials, making things pretty or special, usually for a gift or home-decor need. I’ve let my crafty ways slip by […]

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blink of an eye

In The Blink of An Eye

I’m sure you’ve all heard it at some point or another: “They grow up so fast!” “Enjoy them while you can!” “Don’t blink! They’ll be grown!” I remember almost rolling my eyes when I’d hear this from so many well-meaning people as I strolled along with baby in tow. They would lean in, ooohhhh and […]

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When Your Friend is “Infertile”

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week – an issue affecting one out of eight couples. Despite the large number of people who fall into this category, it still remains one of the few “taboo” topics in our culture today for many reasons. It involves the most intimate relations between a couple and is closely […]

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weekend roundup

Weekend Events for Kids {April 25, 26, 27}

Friday, April 25 Tales of Beatrix Potter An original adaptation of the beloved stories of the children’s artist and author, Beatrix Potter.  Set in the idyllic countryside of the English Lake District, this is a delightful way to introduce new audiences both to ballet and the wonderful world of Beatrix Potter. General admission – all […]

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