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New Year Reflections

Resolutions have never been my thing. I’ve always felt if I resolved to do something, then it was the surefire way to make sure I was not going to do it. Of course I want to lose weight, I want to eat better and I want to spend more time on myself. I want a […]

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Tooth Decay, Go Away! February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

It may surprise you to know tooth decay (which leads to cavities) remains the most common chronic disease in children, despite the fact it can be easily prevented. Even more concerning is this number is increasing in preschool age children, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR).  The NIDCR reports that […]

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Guilty Mom

It happened on one of those sweltering summer days. The kind that feels like a hot wet blanket covers you all over, and you need to take a shower after standing outside for two minutes. The kids were bored and at each other’s throats after being cooped up in the house all day, so we […]

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Homeschool…How? An Introduction

If you made the decision to take on the responsibility of educating your child at home, no doubt you have been inundated with a ton of information. While researching homeschooling, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available regarding education theories and curriculum. The decision to homeschool may be a […]

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elementary school

Thinking About Homeschooling?

The sign on the nearby elementary school reads, “Kindergarten Registration”, reminding parents of four-going-on-five-year-olds that “big school” days are a mere eight months away.  As I drove past it the other day, I remembered seeing the same sign a year ago.  I would drive past it at least twice a day, and each time I […]

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My Son Plays With Dolls

I have three boys. They range from ages 4 1/2 to 18 months. My house is littered with blocks, trucks, trains, cars, and dolls. Dolls? Not dolls in the traditional baby doll sense, but action figures that my boys (namely Superman, my middle child) have taken and adopted as his “babies”. Meet Baby Spider-Man. I […]

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brock on the loose

Mama…And So Much More!

“Mama!” That’s the name I respond to all day long. You see, I’m a stay at home mom to a very demanding toddler. His vocabulary consists of about 20 words, and mama is at the top of the list (along with “no”, but that’s a whole different story). My days are spent with building blocks, […]

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Our Preschool Rocks!

I had my son Owen tested to determine if he was ready to enter the 4K program at Lake Murray Elementary School in Lexington last spring. To to my surprise, he was accepted! He was assigned the afternoon class with a schedule of Monday-Friday from 11:30-2:20. The only problem – we loved his preschool and […]

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Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Hidden Jewel – The God It Made Ranch

A new and exciting opportunity is available in Cope, SC (about 45 minutes from Columbia)! The God It Made Ranch provides an opportunity for children of all ages to learn about horses and take lessons they ordinarily might not be able to afford. The ranch is a totally volunteer-driven, Christ-centered, student-led and a cross-denominational mission that […]

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