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The Stranger in my Home | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Stranger in my Home

In the last several months, it feels like a stranger has moved into my home. This stranger is being overrun with fluctuating hormones that seem to mess with everything. Clothes don’t fit the way they should. Her hair is not cooperating the way it used to. Her whole body is not responding to things the […]

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The Good Stuff | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Good Stuff

I realize I’m in a weird transition period of my life. A moment when I look back and don’t see the anger or pain or troubles of my past. Instead, I see the beautiful moments. The moments that make everything about life worth living. And as I reminisce on these moments, I beg for just […]

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You Know You Are in Your 3rd Trimester When…

The third trimester of pregnancy is well-known for being the most physically uncomfortable as the bump that started in the first or second trimester continues to grow. It also is the trimester when women get a boost of nesting energy as they prep for baby’s arrival. But how do these symptoms really affect women’s day-to-day lives? I crowdsourced […]

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