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Preparing for the Classroom and Beyond :: Preschool Prep at My Gym {Giveaway Included!}

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with My Gym to bring our readers the following post. All opinions are our own.

My Gym Preschool Prep - Columbia SC Moms Blog

As a stay-at-home mom to a very busy 3-year-old, I’m always on the lookout for activities to involve my son in that I know he will love. The days can be very long, and as an only child, he definitely looks to me as his #1 playmate. As much as I love being there for him and watching him grow, I can only take so many games of hide-and-go seek, chase and endless requests for Blaze and the Monster Machines before my patience is short and I’m itching for some time to myself … and more structure for him.

I was exited to learn My Gym offers a Preschool Prep class for children between the ages of 2-5. What’s great about this class is it offers the flexibility I’m looking for as a parent who isn’t quite ready to fully commit to preschool, while also offering tons of learning opportunities balanced with play.

What Makes Preschool Prep Unique

preschool prep - my gym - columbia sc moms blog

Schedule-wise, you can choose to sign your child up for either one or two classes a week, and at 2 1/2 hours a session, it’s the perfect amount of time for me to run errands, grab a cup of coffee or just go home and RELAX if that’s what I need for myself that day. For him, the focus on emotional, social and cognitive development is the right fit before he enters kindergarten.

And he has the BEST time! My Gym offers exciting equipment and activities that challenge my adventurous and curious child – from the zipline and ball pit, to the trampoline and climbing wall, to the traditional slides and padded climbing equipment, he is truly engaged and loves learning all the new ways he can use his body. Not to mention the songs, stories, focus on the letter of the week, as well as arts and crafts. His time spent in Preschool Prep is the topic of conversation well after he leaves class, and it’s heartwarming to hear him talk about all his best friends “at school.”

What Our Family Loves About My Gym

preschool prep - my gym - columbia sc moms blog

And the true testament that he loves his time at My Gym? My 100% mama’s boy cries when I walk in the door to pick him up – not because he’s excited to see me but because he wants me to leave so he can stay longer! And after meeting the staff it’s easy to see why. From the second you walk in the door and it’s obvious their love for children and care towards development extends far beyond the classroom.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about My Gym. If you are looking for a program that is fun and challenging, that your kids will love while also learning, Preschool Prep is the way to go! Here’s a sneak peak into what class is like…


The folks at My Gym are offering one lucky reader two free Preschool Prep classes! Enter now and experience for yourself all the fun and learning opportunities we loved so much!

2 Preschool Prep Classes From My Gym

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