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Sleepover Party :: Last Year Vs. This Year

Sleepover Party :: Last Year vs This Year | Columbia SC Moms BlogI think around age eight, girls want sleepover parties instead of regular birthday parties. At least that’s when my daughter wanted one. That was last year. This year, she wanted another one, but we did it A LOT differently. 

Number of Guests

Last Year: I let her invite eight girls. Yes, EIGHT. Don’t ask me what I was thinking. And seven of the eight ended up coming to the sleepover.
This Year: I let her invite four girls. Sorry if you didn’t get an invite to the sleepover, but mommy wanted to keep it small. It’s my fault.

Theme and Decor

Last Year: I let my daughter choose a theme (spa sleepover) and we rocked the heck out of it. I researched Pinterest and websites, bought a bunch of cute spa items at the dollar store, ordered photo booth props, turned our guest bedroom into a “spa” like atmosphere … the works!


This Year: I won an auction basket at a local fundraiser with a gymnastics birthday party included. We did the gymnastics party in the day so we could invite more girls and then had the sleepover that night with the smaller group. There was no theme. I bought some ready to make pizza at the store for dinner with ice cream for dessert and called it a night.


Last Year: I was involved the entire time. The party had a timeline, we did spa stuff, I paid my friend’s high school daughter to come help me. We played The Sleepover Party Game. And even with all that, it seemed like the night lasted forever until we settled into watching a movie and all the girls feel asleep.


This Year: I sent the girls upstairs to play and then outside to swim (thank goodness for warm weather in September!). We turned on a movie after dinner all the girls were asleep by 11.

Bottom line

My daughter enjoyed both parties. Yes, I worked harder last year, but I also think age plays a role. The girls are older this time around and can entertain themselves longer. I felt a little left out this year since I wasn’t as involved, but then again, I wasn’t as stressed. Plus, it’s not about me. I had my fun when she was younger and threw my elaborate Pinterest parties for my babies who will only remember them through pictures. Now, she has her own visions and plans and I’m happy to help her celebrate. 

Have you thrown sleepover parties for your kids? What has been your experience?

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