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Stitch Fix :: My New Online Personal Stylist!

Ok, ladies, let me introduce you to my new online personal stylist … STITCH FIX! I’m a full-time working mommy and don’t have much time for (actual) in store shopping — I mean, who does? So for the past few years, I’ve resorted to shopping online (besides the occasional trip to Target or Kohls). I can’t even remember the last time I stepped foot in the mall … it was probably last year for Santa pictures.

Stitch Fix was referred to me by my manager (who is also a working mama) and I’ve loved almost every single item they’ve picked out for me so far. So allow me to give you a quick overview of Stitch Fix – my current fashion obsession!

The homepage of the Stitch Fix website -- it's easy to sign up and pick out clothes that match your style.

The homepage of the Stitch Fix website — it’s easy to sign up and start working on your “fix!”

How It Works

First, you’ll need to create your style profile by entering in your personal information (name, address, dress size, etc.) and answering a very detailed questionnaire so the Stitch Fix stylists can get a feel for your sense of style. The questionnaire will ask for all your measurements and proportions; what you normally wear (casual, dressy, etc.) and how often you dress for certain occasions; what to avoid (certain items of clothing, materials/fabrics, colors etc.); what you like to flaunt and what you like to keep covered; and your Pinterest profile, especially if you have a fashion-related board.

Next, you’ll schedule your fix — you can schedule automatic monthly fixes or manually schedule them (which is what I do). Then, all you have to do is wait for your fix to be delivered…

The only commitment is the $20 styling fee, which is later applied to your order total.

The Stitch Fix Basics

The Stitch Fix Basics

My Recent “Fix”

My fix that I received this past week contained two skirts (because I requested more skirts in my style profile, which you can update at any time), a loose-fitting henley shirt, a solid black scoop-neck sweater, and black skinny jeans with a tulip hem. Each fix comes with 5 items, which can be clothing, jewelry, scarves or handbags. And you can choose to avoid any of those categories in your shipments (I only wanted items of clothing in my most recent shipment).

It's so much fun opening Stitch Fix boxes!

It’s so much fun opening Stitch Fix boxes!

I love that they send you a style card with each item. It helps me to visualize what else I can pair with each item, using what I already have in my closet. It’s very convenient to be able to try on the Stitch Fix items with other clothes, jewelry, etc. that I already own.

It's easy to pick out your outfit, when you have these awesome style cards

It’s easy to pick out your outfit, when you have style cards

Lucky for me, I liked everything in my fix this month and didn’t send anything back — which is a win-win for me, because I got some super cute NEW clothes and saved an extra 25% on my order total. When you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount on your total. But if you decide to send back some or all of your items, you have 3 business days and a prepaid USPS envelope to ship them back. If you return all the items, you’re only out 20 bucks (your styling fee).

Checking Out – Deciding What to Keep and What to Return

You’ll still need to visit the Stitch Fix website to “check out” and give feedback on the items you’re keeping.

stitch fix checkout screenshot

“Checking out” — I’m keeping my entire “fix” this month!

After you’ve provided feedback for each item and have successfully checked out, you can share your Stitch Fix referral link via email, social media, etc. If you have a friend who signs up for a fix using your referral link, you’ll receive a $25 credit! LOVE this!

Stitch Fix check out success

One of my favorite perks — the option to refer friends. If they sign up, you’ll receive a $25 credit!

I know Stitch Fix may not be in everyone’s monthly budget (items are $55 each, on average), but give it a try once and see how you like it — you’re only commitment is $20. I would most definitely recommend Stitch Fix for any busy mama. It’s simple, convenient and very fashion forward — what’s not to love?!

Have you tried Stitch Fix or a similar program? What did you love (or not love) about it?

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