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My How Times Have Changed :: Summer Then vs. Now

Summer Then vs. Now | Columbia SC Moms BlogAhhhh summer! Bring on all things summer. Relaxation, sun, outdoors, barbeque, water; bring it all to me! Oh wait, that’s right, I am a mom now. Summer is not quite what it used to be. 

Then: Relaxing on the Beach

Remember that time when you could nap on the beach? The waves crashing, the wind blowing. I am pretty sure that’s what mediation felt like. You could time yourself to flip over and ensure that perfect tan. The beach essentials included a chair, a towel, and leaving your worries behind.

Now: Sand Literally EVERYWHERE

I didn’t know much about anatomy, and the extra crevices, until I had kids. Instead of relaxing on the beach, we are now spending our days tending to our kids in what can only be considered the worst condition in the world. Try packing a lunch for the little buggers. There is nothing you can pack that won’t eventually turn into a literal SANDwich. Please share if you have found the holy grail of beach lunches.

Pretty sure his sandwich is in there.

Then: Spending the Evening Star Gazing

Nights spent in a chair, relaxing, while drinking a beverage of choice were always magical. Add in a fire pit, and forget about it. Adult conversations were pretty epic back in those days. We could even go see a movie in a park and bring nothing along. No need to plan, just do, and be spontaneous! 

Now: Spending the Evening Preventing my Children from Falling into a Fire, oh, and Bug Spray!

First, bug spray. I should have taken out stock on bug spray. We live in South Carolina, bugs are practically pets to my children in our backyard. Don’t allow your children to go outside without spraying them down. Is it just me, or are bugs getting meaner and more dangerous now?

Now that you used a whole bottle of spray on your child, send them on out to that relaxing fire pit. Make sure your child stays at least 3-4 feet away from the very attractive fire (because bug spray and other obvious reasons). That’s always so much fun. Roast some marshmallows, while still making sure every one stays safe. In the end, if you are like me, you realize you never had a s’more and never once sat down. Oh, and on top of it all, your beverage of choice has a fly floating on top … at least someone is relaxing.

There goes my s’more.

Then: Pool Floaties Abound

Think, yacht club, but in a pool. Just float allll dayyy longgg. I always made sure I got the floaties with the cup holder, because who wants to get in and out of those things? 

Not a floatie enthusiast? How about a deck chair. Same concept, better mobility. I always chose the deck chair for when my timer went off and I needed to tan my back side. Deck chairs were always the best for when you wanted to eat that amazing summer food that was brought to you, and you ate on your own time.

Now: Glorified Lifeguard

Floaties now have a different meaning. Now, floaties are those things you put on your child’s arm. You know, the thing that takes about 30 minutes to maneuver up their arm, for the 2 minutes of pool time before they need the potty.

Beverages are now limited to water or juice, for your kids. Not sure the last time I drank anything fun at the pool. Oh, and forget the chair too. Now your days are spent lifeguarding from the edge of the pool.

Where’s MY towel? Oh there it is, wrapped around my son.

Then: Loved Shopping for Bathing Suits

I used to love shopping for swimsuits. I had like ten of them. Two-pieces were my jam. I knew what bathing suits were on trend at all times. Flat abs, toned legs, that was all before babies. 

Now: Whatever Covers it All

I need the swimsuit that has the most square inch coverage. Forget it, where’s my husbands t-shirt?

A distant memory.

Then: Give Me a Medium Rare Filet

Do you remember the taste of good food? Like the best steak ever, grilled to perfection. I used to make the best black bean burgers too. Everything was made from scratch. I used to spend hours planning cookouts. Cue the Joanna Gaines inspired food description cards. So much time was spent making everything perfect.

Now: I’ll Take that Hot Dog Off the Ground

I still make everything perfect. These days, however, perfect is my son rejecting a hot dog because it has one char mark. Even though he asked for a GRILLED hot dog. Then, the other child wants something completely different. Forget the description cards, I just hope to eat eventually.

A grilled hotdog does not have a char mark on it. I know these things.


Ok, I know, don’t dwell on the past. The present holds so much. That, I know and I am thankful for. Having children has been a blessing I still can’t find comparison. The past was fun, but now I am creating the past, in the present, for my children.

I see the third hot dog not cooked to perfection, my child sees a mom who will do anything for them.

I see no time in the pool myself, they see hours of fun splashing about while their mom had a watchful eye.

I see sand adhering to freshly applied sunscreen, they see a mom who makes sure they are protected.

I see a dangerous fire, they taste the sweetness of a s’more and will never forget it.

I am sure we are all looking forward to the nights in the backyard, around the fire, eating s’mores with our grown children … reminiscing about all of this and laughing. In the meantime, enjoy your SANDwich!

What are your Then vs. Now’s?

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