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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Enjoy Being Pregnant

OK, don’t get me wrong. I love my kids, but I really don’t like pregnancy. Unrealistically, I wish a stork brought me my baby or I could be super rich and hire a surrogate. In our society, it feels like there is this pressure or expectation for expecting moms to love being pregnant. But that’s […]

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Meet The Doulas Event

Drop by to meet your local doulas of Columbia and the Midlands. You’ll have the chance to talk with doulas, ask questions and learn what doulas are. We’ll be there to chat with you about what we do and how we can help you during pregnancy, birth and your postpartum period. Any questions, email [email protected]

Light refreshments available. Park address is 800 Abelia Road, Columbia, SC 29205.

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Birth Stories :: My Experiences with VBAC (and What You Need to Know)

Birth is a funny thing. It is powerful. It is amazing. It is miraculous. And above all else, it is unpredictable. Whenever a gathering of moms or moms-to-be talks about birth, there are always different groups — cliques, really — that fall together. You have the “sign me up for a C-section!” group; the “all natural, no medication, out-of-hospital […]

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Our Scariest Mom Moments

Halloween brings ghouls, ghosts and spooky stories around the campfire. But the contributors behind Columbia SC Moms Blog know of some things much scarier than things that go bump in the night. We’ve compiled our most heart-stopping, blood-curdling moments from motherhood for your scare-ification. Gory Gross-outs Another kid at our playdate found an absolutely disgusting month-old […]

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