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Father-You're Best Role - CSCMB

Father, Your Best Title

There are moments that will never leave my heart. Moments like when I told you we were expecting our first child. Then, when you cared for me as my head hung in a toilet plagued with nausea. Or the first ultrasound when you saw your son in his earliest stages of life. Or the first time you felt his […]

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Why I’m Grateful My Son Has Witnessed Natural Disaster Firsthand

Being a young couple that has made a habit of relocating around the country for assignments, my husband and I knew that we would adapt well to a coastal flip. This move was going to be different though. We had cross country travel down to a science with our caravanning canines, but this 3,000 mile transition included […]

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reading nook

Reading Nooks Made Easy

When I was younger, it wasn’t really something cool. I knew my librarians by name because I was there, at the local public library, enough to know them personally. It didn’t matter that I was only in third grade; they were my friends, my confidants and my mentors. They always knew what topic I would […]

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