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5 Reasons Why I Love Having a Threenager | Columbia SC Moms Blog

5 Reasons Why I Love Having a Threenager

A “threenager” is a child who is three years old and acts like a little teenager. I have two teenagers and a three-year-old and their behaviors are all very similar. Que the sass, talking back, and sneakiness. Three has been much more challenging than age two. The terrible twos have nothing on a threenager. Three-year-old’s […]

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Don’t Hate Me :: 5 Toys I Refuse to Buy My Kids

Many moms have seemingly weird, arbitrary rules around toys in their houses. Some don’t like things that require batteries. Other moms insist toys be educational. There are parents only want toys made out of natural, non-toxic materials that are sustainable and beautiful. I’m not judging y’all, really I’m not. But due to various reasons, there […]

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