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Military Family Appreciation Month :: Events, Deals, Freebies, Support & More | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Military Family Appreciation Month :: Events, Deals, Freebies, Support & More

Every year the President signs a proclamation declaring November be the month of the military family. During the month of November, the Department of Defense and the nation honor military families around the country to show their gratitude for the sacrifice and commitment military families make.  Columbia is home to the U.S. Army’s largest training […]

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The Power of a Pen Pal Project | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Power of a Pen Pal Project

It was recently Universal Letter Writing week, which had me wondering: Does anyone still take actual pen to paper? So I did what any tech dependent would, I posted my question on Facebook: Anyone out there have a Pen Pal? It turns out, they do! And I wish I did also. Merriam Webster defines a Pen […]

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The Power of Thank You - Veterans Day - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Power of Thank You

I have a confession. Up until three years ago, I really hadn’t paid that much attention to Veterans Day. As a military brat, I knew about it, of course. I think we got off from school for it when I was a kid. As a middle school teacher, we didn’t get the day off. We […]

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Saying Goodbye Again - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Saying Goodbye Again

We’re back to the inescapable heat of the United Arab Emirates where temperatures vary from 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit from dusk to dawn. We are back to camel crossings and the multiple daily sounds of calls to prayer. We back to date trees and sand dunes. We have returned home. For the past 6 years, we’ve […]

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our solider, our hero - what verterans day really means - special offers - columbia sc moms blog

Our Soldier, Our Hero :: What Veterans Day REALLY Means {Special Events Included}

Each year my husband and I look forward to participating in the Veterans Day promotions and freebies. If you serve in the military or are the spouse of a solider, you’re probably used to receiving an email with a list of places offering specials, discounts and activities in celebration of Veterans Day. While I enjoy taking advantage […]

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