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If you haven’t been introduced to the book, Girl, Wash Your Face, written by Ms. Rachel Hollis, please allow me. I read this book in April of this year at a time when I was feeling mommed-out. (Only moms can understand the term, but if you are reading this as a first-time expectant mom I […]

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A Love Letter to Our First Born | Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Love Letter to My First Born

Dear Caroline, I write this letter to future you. By the time you’re old enough to understand, you probably won’t even remember much of what life is like right this moment. You probably won’t remember the wonderful chaos of being a toddler and having a baby brother at the same time. You probably won’t remember […]

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Embracing the Moment You're In | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Embracing the Moment You’re in

A few weeks ago I had my first child, and the flurry of “what-ifs” and planning questions are flooding my mind. What if my son won’t want to cuddle with me to breastfeed once he starts using a bottle? What if I miss his milestones when I go back to work and he’s at daycare? […]

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Pregnancy vs. Pregnancy With a Toddler | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Pregnancy vs. Pregnancy With a Toddler

This is my second (and very likely my last) time being pregnant. I’ve got my boy and I’m getting my girl, so I probably won’t fight my husband on his insistence that this is IT. Things are pretty different this go around. Obviously … my whole life is different than it was last time! When […]

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A Path To Realistic Expectations | Columbia SC Moms Blog

A Path To Realistic Expectations

Graduation Paths During college graduation week this year, I walked from my downtown office building to the Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina for exercise. As I made my way into the entrance, the charm of the grove and the beauty of the old buildings made me happy. Just after 5 p.m., the sunglow […]

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