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self defense

5 Self Defense Tips to Teach Your Children

I recently took a self- defense class with my college students. As much as we do not want to think about needing to take a self-defense class, things happen. Just last summer a Midlands Tech student was kidnapped right here in Columbia. Recently, a man posing as an Uber driver assaulted USC students near campus.  […]

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How to Stay Grounded During Holiday Chaos {and Throughout the Year} | Columbia SC Moms Blog

How to Stay Grounded During Holiday Chaos {and Throughout the Year}

What a magical time of year we are currently living (surviving?) through. Just kidding … although it certainly feels like we are doing our best to make it from day to day sometimes. Regardless, there’s no denying how truly special the holiday season can be. For those with children, especially young ones, we strive to […]

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new baby

First Baby, Second Baby

Let’s face it, for most of us who have multiple children, our parenting styles and perceptions can change a lot from the first child to the second and even from the second child to the third. You may think of that change as becoming being more relaxed or more easygoing. You may think of it […]

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child reading book

Reading With Your 6 – 9 Year Old

Continuing my series about reading with your children (check out previous posts – Reading With Your 3 and Under Child and Reading With Your 3 – 6-Year-Old), here are some tips and books to try with your 6 – 9 year old!  First, let me say that this age group is the most fun, in […]

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