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New Car Seat Law in SC | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Share to Save a Life :: New Car Seat Law in SC

In case you haven’t heard, there are new car seat laws here in South Carolina. This new law is based on the latest information on injuries to children in car accidents.  Last year, the Charleston Post and Courier reported that nearly 1,000 people died in car involved accidents on SC roads in 2016, many of them children. […]

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The Boy Who Hated Make Believe - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Boy Who Hated Make Believe

I make that sympathetic face when you tell me that your child discovered the great truth this Christmas. But, inside, I’m really not feeling it. You had your fun for much longer than I did. And no one’s out there giving me any of those sweet AWWWW, I’m right there with you expressions. I never […]

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Mommy Fashion :: A Photo Story

Dressing our kids is easy. Well, the task is not necessarily easy, but the clothing out there for our energetic munchkins is cute, functional, and the options are endless. So why does it always seem so hard for us Mommas to dress in fashionable clothing that fits our lives? The struggle is real.  In the spirit […]

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Super Mom

Our Super Powers As Moms

Peels of laughter erupt at our monthly mother’s night out as we debate over what superpowers would be most useful to a mom. “I’d like to be able to clone myself like Multiple Man,” muses one mom. “I don’t know– I’d like telekinesis. Diaper changing would be revolutionized.” “What about telepathy?” “No! Can you imagine being […]

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Non-Violent Mama - Taking Care of Your Self - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Non-Violent Mama :: Taking Care of Your Self

Childrearing has come a long way. The fear-based punishment of past has turned into teaching discipline and respect. But this is not about punishment or discipline. You know her, maybe you are her … the once vibrant, interesting, clever lady who had kids, and became boring. There are a lot of “hers” so it feels safe to release […]

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