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When Facebook Isn’t Enough | Columbia SC Moms Blog

When Facebook Isn’t Enough

A Facebook friend photographed two pages from a book she was reading and posted the image along with a pithy question. Who knew prayers could weaken faith? My interest was piqued. I mean, whether you pray or not, or claim to have faith or not, that’s a question that’ll draw a facebook comment showdown. Sometimes they’re amusing, those […]

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Social media

Navigating the Murky Waters of Social Media

I have heard several friends say, or even post on social media, “remember when Facebook/Instagram/Twitter was all about posting pictures of your kids or a new puppy?” Sure, there has always been the occasional post that incited drama, or the picture perfect “fakebook” image, or even the classic “vague-booking” when a bestie shared just enough […]

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7 ways to celebrate the true meaning of easter - columbia sc moms blog

Beyond the Easter Basket :: 7 Ways to Celebrate the True Meaning of Easter

Heads up, mamas! Easter Sunday is coming up soon! Not that you could miss it, since a plethora of themed products already crowds the shelves of every retail establishment across town! These days Easter, once a sacred holiday, has been taken over by bunnies and candy and all things pastel. I really love giving my […]

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lord hear my prayer - I'm a mom - columbia sc moms blog

Lord Hear Our Prayer…. I’m a MOM

As a child and young adult I didn’t attend church much, if at all. That is not to say my family isn’t religious or even spiritual, my parents just never found a church that fit both of their ideologies. This being said, as an adult, finding comfort in my church has been something very important […]

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