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destinations in columbia for kids under 1

A Columbia Moms Guide :: Destinations for Kids Under 1

One of my biggest struggles as a new mother was overcoming the feeling of isolation, as I felt trapped at home by seemingly never-ending nursing and crying marathons. I remember being so excited once my son got through that “fourth trimester” and it was easier to take him places. But where to go? Columbia has […]

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weekend roundup resize

Weekend Events for Kids {November 7, 8, 9}

Friday, November 7 2014 Corn Maze – Down on the Farm As you navigate our 8 acre corn maze you will find clues, pictures, and games. Maize-o-Vision secret decoders help you navigate the multi-acre puzzle. Can you find your way out? Maize Quest is a great way for families, scouts, schools, youth groups, and corporate […]

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Why We Chose a Charter School (and why you might want to, too)

August and back-to-school are fast approaching. Though registration for school started in February/March, it’s not necessarily too late to reconsider your choice for school options, especially if you’ve discovered that your child’s assigned public school is (how do we put this nicely) not the greatest. Private schools, homeschooling, charter schools, and school of choice within a public […]

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