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3 Reasons Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account | Columbia SC Moms Blog

3 Reasons Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account

Several of my friends have deactivated their Facebook accounts in the past. The reason most people deactivate from social media is to disconnect from “Fakebook” and have more time to engage in reality. Facebook is a place where I share pictures of my children and my life. Of course I display the parts of our […]

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Social Media :: Friend or Faux Pas? | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Social Media :: Friend or Faux Pas?

I remember the days when the house phone would ring. My mom would answer it and spend the next several minutes pacing back and forth in the kitchen (that phone had the longest cord in the house) chatting with her close friend about all the latest gossip and news of the community. Nowadays, we click […]

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When Facebook Isn’t Enough | Columbia SC Moms Blog

When Facebook Isn’t Enough

A Facebook friend photographed two pages from a book she was reading and posted the image along with a pithy question. Who knew prayers could weaken faith? My interest was piqued. I mean, whether you pray or not, or claim to have faith or not, that’s a question that’ll draw a facebook comment showdown. Sometimes they’re amusing, those […]

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Social media

Navigating the Murky Waters of Social Media

I have heard several friends say, or even post on social media, “remember when Facebook/Instagram/Twitter was all about posting pictures of your kids or a new puppy?” Sure, there has always been the occasional post that incited drama, or the picture perfect “fakebook” image, or even the classic “vague-booking” when a bestie shared just enough […]

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