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Family friendly Day Trip - Richardson's Lake - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Family-Fun Day Trip :: Richardson’s Lake Water Park and Outdoor Recreation Area

On a scorching hot Tuesday last July, my kids and I decided to head out of town and take a day trip to Richardson’s Lake Water Park and Outdoor Recreation Area. We had a blast! Located in Warrenville right near Aiken, it’s about an hour drive – perfect for a quick day trip! One of my friends […]

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The Day My Son Almost Drowned - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Day My Son Almost Drowned

Newsflash: it’s hot here in South Carolina. When the heat rolls in, there are only two sensible options: retreat into the air-conditioned bliss of home, car, or store; or venture outward and find any bit of water deep enough to cool off in. All the better if the water will be populated with friends and their […]

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Columbia's Guide to Splash Pads, Spray Pools, Mist Pads and Water Parks {2016} - Columbia SC Moms Blog

Columbia’s Guide to Splash Pads, Spray Pools, Mist Pads and Water Parks {2016}

Let’s face it, they don’t call Columbia “Famously Hot” for nothing. Temperatures easily reach three digits long before the official start of summer. The best advice to beat the heat is to either find an indoor play area, or hit one of the local splash pads, spray pools, mist pads or water parks. And luckily, there […]

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Tum-E Yummies Kids Water Enhancers :: Makes Water Tasty and Fun While Providing Essential Vitamins {Sponsored Post}

If your child is anything like mine, you struggle to get him to drink enough water throughout the day. I have tried giving my daughter H2O in cups with fancy Disney characters, tumblers just like Daddy, and even a goblet (don’t ask). Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to try Tum-E Yummies at the perfect […]

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5 reasons to love summer pregnancies

5 Reasons to Love Summer Pregnancies

Four years ago this week, I was heavily pregnant. We’re talking 41 weeks pregnant. And unsurprisingly, it was hot. Are you sweating in sympathy yet? I didn’t plan to be pregnant in summer. And when I did the math, soon after seeing that positive pregnancy test, and realized I was due in July, I cringed. […]

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