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Terrible, Terrific Twos

Terrible, Terrific Twos | Columbia SC Moms BlogTerrible Twos. I’ve been dreading the moment when we would reach that time of inconsolable whining and unreasonable demands. The time everyone warned me about when mothering would consist of mostly just trying not to lose my mind.

But you know what?

Two is my favorite. There is nothing terrible about my little gorilla, even when he’s in full toddler mode. He’s doing exactly what he should be doing, learning and growing and experiencing big feelings. Here are a few reasons why two is my favorite age so far.

1. His Imagination

I never know what this kooky kid is going to think of next. He recently found a red ribbon, put it on his head and began yelling about how it gave him “SUPA-powers!” It’s adorable, and he insists on wearing it around the house, to the store, to church for his sister’s confirmation. He’s convinced it gives him powers and I’m beginning to believe it. It is always something different, and I love never knowing quite what this kid is going to say.

2. His Excitement

Remember when you would get breathless from excitement about something like, I don’t know, the moon? I wish anything would give me the same shock and awe as basically everything my 2-year-old sees for the first time. It’s that quick inhalation of breath, eagerly pointing fingers, wide-eyed excitement to show me whatever new thing he has discovered – tree leaves, a dog hanging his head out of a car window, a full moon. He just is so excited to discover. When do we lose that, and how do we not?!

3. His Kindness 

“You want some juice, Mommy?” He is always checking in with me. He’ll begin eating lunch, stop, and ask me if I want any. If I say, “Ouch,” he wants to know if I’m OK. We’re trying to teach him if he sees someone hurt or upset he should ask if they’re OK and can he help, and he’s taking that to heart in the sweetest way.

4. His Confidence 

There is not a shy bone in his body. He wants to talk to everyone, show them what he has, ask them what they are up to, which leads to number five. 

5. His Curiosity

If I have anything in my hand, he’s asking, “What you got?” Hilarious. Where you going? How can I be part of whatever it is you are doing?! I love that he asks, “What’s that?” about 100 times a day because it gives us a chance to talk. He’s learning new words and repeating them back to me, and I love that.

6. His Control Over Physical Affection

Sometimes he wants all the kisses and snuggles, and other times he wants to be left alone. I like that he knows he can say he isn’t in the mood for a smooch or that he’d prefer a high five to a hug.

7. His Energy

I mean, it wears me out to chase him around, but man, if we could bottle that up, I would stir it right into my morning coffee. There just is no stopping that little guy. He lives life to the absolute fullest and wants us to be right there with him. You can sleep when you nap, but right now, we have a world to see!

Now, I’ve heard that three is worse than two, but by that time he’ll be pretty much taking care of himself, right? For now, I’ll just soak up this stage until I get to my next favorite. Enjoy the terrific twos!

What do you love about age two?

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