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A Thank You to the Mom Who Was a Village

A Thank You to the Mom Who Was a Village | Columbia SC Moms BlogSo by now, many of us have read about the woman who called out a few teenagers in Target for mocking a man who had suffered from head trauma. This woman is a great example for all of us. Her decision to confront the teenagers and inform their mother exemplifies that it takes a village to raise a child.

This morning my family and I visited a local splash pad. I sat with my husband telling him how great I thought this woman was for taking the opportunity to help mold those children into more empathetic people. 

About ten minutes later while we watched our daughters play, we needed a village, and got one from total strangers.

My 4-year-old daughter slipped while playing in the splash pad, and landed on her chin, splitting it nearly to the bone. In the chaos that followed — trying to stop the heavy bleeding, trying to calm our other daughter that was very upset over her little sister’s injury — a few other moms ran over to help us. One offered a frozen water as an ice pack. Another child came over to offer us something to use as a bandage. It was all very overwhelming and thoughtful.

But one mom in particular — a total stranger — went above and beyond to help us out. She helped me get the first aid kit, and she brought my daughter juice to help calm her down. She even carried my daughter while my husband held the bandage against her chin and I carried all of our things and held my other daughter’s hand through the parking lot. This mom was there to enjoy time with her own children, and dropped everything to help care for mine. 

In all of the craziness, I don’t believe I got to tell her thank you.

We rushed out and to the emergency room in too much of a hurry. But I’ll tell her thank you here, and I hope that somehow it makes its way to her. She was kind and thoughtful. She helped be a village for my family, even for just a few minutes.

In a time where it’s common to keep to ourselves where other people’s children are concerned, it is inspiring to find those that will show love and care for a child, even if it’s not their own. So I plan on following this stranger’s example, and doing that more for the other parents around me. Because we could all use a bigger village. 

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