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The Top 9 Hits of the 90s {Toddler Edition}

The Top 9 Hits of the 90s - Toddler Edition - Columbia SC Moms Blog

We all know that life with a toddler is just one big party… right?

Okay, maybe not, but we should still commemorate the experience with a killer soundtrack. So cue the dream sequence sound effect and let’s imagine what these hit 90’s songs would be like if they had been written by toddlers:

1. “Unbreak My Heart”

Unbreak my heart
I dropped my juice cup again
Undo this hurt I caused
When I ran into the door and couldn’t stop crying

2. “Tubpooping”

We’ll be splishing, we’ll be splashing
I get washed off
But then I poop again
You’re never gonna keep me clean

3. “3AM”

She says, “Mommy, it’s 3AM, I must be thirsty”
Then she says, “Mommy, well I can’t help but be scared of the dark sometimes”
And your good night sleep’s gonna slip away, I believe it

4. “The Toy is Mine”

You need to give it up
You’re holding MY blue truck
Give it back to ME
The toy is MINE

5. “Wannabe”

If you wanna be like Mommy
You gotta wear all her shoes
Dress like Doc McStuffins
Pretending is what we do

6. “I Want It That Way”

Ain’t gonna wear the green socks
Ain’t getting out the sandbox
Don’t let the foods touch on my plate

7. “The Whine”

I start to whine and I rub my sleepy eyes
Cause it’s bedtime
Mama’s gonna drag me up
To get into the bed where I belong
I’m gonna whine, I’m gonna whiiii-iii-iii-ine

8. “We Like to Potty”

We like to potty, we like, we like to potty
Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now
A near miss is just around the corner
Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now
Gotta go number two!

9. “Always Be Your Baby”

You will always be my Mommy
The one to hold and to comfort me
Even on the days when I drive you crazy
I know that I’ll always be your baby

Can you think of any toddler-inspired lyrics? What would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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