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7 Ways Virtual Learning Opens Doors


Have you ever wondered how virtual learning can impact your family’s life in a positive way? Many families are enjoying their decision to delve into virtual learning. Flexibility, support, and vigorous curriculum are just a few of the many positive outcomes of this exciting alternative.

1. Customized Program

Virtual schools are able to offer students a more personal customized program for their individual needs. Since parents play a big part in their child’s learning, they are able to ensure their child is getting one-on-one teaching. If a child needs more help, the teachers are able to meet one-on-one or in small groups. Students are able to work at their own pace. Instead of falling behind the class or waiting for the others to catch up, students focus more on getting their own work done at a comfortable pace.


2. Learning Environment

Students can learn in their own environment without distracting or being distracted by others. This helps to eliminate social and behavioral issues. If a child learns better standing up or pacing, she can do so without hindering other students. Students do not have to waste class time while the teachers take care of discipline problems. Instead the students are able to focus on their learning. Bullying is not an issue in an online school. Students with anxiety are able to feel safe in their homes and are able to learn without worrying what others are doing. If a child has a medical condition, being outside the walls of the classroom may be beneficial to her health.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is a tremendously advantageous effect of virtual schooling. If a student is involved in sports or another extracurricular activity, he can attend the practices and games around his school schedule. If the student needs to travel for a competition, he has the freedom to go and do the schoolwork wherever he is located. The time constraints of the brick and mortar schools do not hinder the student’s other talents and hobbies. Some religious families choose virtual schools so they can supplement the material with their religious studies. This gives them the freedom from the limitations of what is taught in particular schools.


4. Tuition-Free

The cost to attend is zero. Students are sent their books and then at the end of the year they send them back to the school without having to pay for shipping. There are no material fees. There is no extra cost for cafeteria lunches or high grocery bills for individual-sized snacks. If students have food allergies or other allergies, they do not have to worry about exposure. You will not only save time, but also the gas money used to shuttle your child to and from school if public transportation is not available. Most families already own a computer and the general school supplies could cost less because you are only providing for your student.

5. Parent Role

Parents know more about what is going on in their children’s studies because they play a more major role. The parents are able to have more input. Teachers and parents work as a team to help best support the students.


6. School District

Students and parents do not have to worry about living in a good school district in order to get a good education. It does not matter if they live in a city or in a rural area. Redistricting or schools closing due to low enrollments or not enough funding also won’t affect them.

7. Activities Galore!

There are many academic and social activities planned for virtual schools. You can get to know other parents and students in person or online through groups and teams. There is a strong community network for you to explore to enhance your virtual experience. This is a great chance to share your experience with others, trade tips, and make new friends.

If you’re in the area – join other students, parents, teachers and school leaders from across South Carolina to celebrate National School Choice Week 2016 and all of the growing forms of education choices in the Palmetto State. SCCAL will be at the Rally Day on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Don’t miss out on this high-energy chance to lend YOUR voice for school choice!

South Carolina Calvert Academy is a K-8, tuition-free public virtual charter school available to families statewide in South Carolina. To learn more about our program and view our schedule of additional upcoming events, click here.

5 SCCAL EnrollingNowBy Carla Clardy, Special Education Teacher for South Carolina Calvert Academy (SCCAL) Mrs. Clardy is an Anderson University graduate with her Elementary Degree as well as certification in Early Childhood and Special Education Learning Disabilities.  She’s been with SCCAL for 3 years.

Note: This post was sponsored by SCCAL. However, we would not promote or work with a business we did not believe to be reputable or relevant to our readers.

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