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5 Reasons Why I Love Living in Chapin


Welcome to Chapin!

Welcome parents, children and adult. As a new resident of the Midlands 2 years ago, I was eager to get any sort of information on the area that made our transition easier. Where are the best parks, how to survive the heat, where to eat out at, etc. Among a few other resources, my search led me to the Columbia SC Moms Blog, so if you are a reader and a new locale, you are at the best place.

I know the value of a good, mom-friendly website when you feel lost and alone in a brand new city. We are here to make it a bit easier for you, welcoming you into our community and offer our insight.

Today I decided to write about the five reasons why I love living in Chapin, in hopes of being helpful to new comers and hearing others’ reasons of why they love living in here.

1. Scrumptious Local Dining

Zorba’s – If you have never been, go tonight! If you have, you know why this makes the list. Chapin is fairly small, but boasts some great restaurants. One of my all time favorites is Greek food, and Zorba’s selection fits the bill. There’s something for everybody and they also deliver in the Chapin area.

Try Zorba`s delicious fare!

El Poblano – The local Mexican joint that is friendly and the food is delicious.

Wired Goat Café – I love this silly named coffee shop. At least as good as Starbucks, but the reason I prefer it is because they bake using only quality ingredients. Gluten free goods are available too and the entire place has a real, small town coffee shop feel.

2. Beautiful Parks

Chapin boasts some of the prettiest parks in the area, with big trees, walking trails and playgrounds.

Crooked Creek park is a great option for walking and playing, so is the Lowman Home’s walking trail. When the leaves are changing, the scenery is especially lovely. For a more comprehensive list of parks in the Irmo/Chapin area, check out this post.

The Lowman Home`s Life Trail,a gorgeous and quiet park in Chapin

The Lowman Home`s Life Trail,a gorgeous and quiet park in Chapin

3. Convenient Location

I live on the closer-to-Irmo side of Chapin, but even if you live a bit farther out, Chapin is still just the right distance from the business of the big city, yet close enough for activities. You can get to Chapin via two different exits off I-26, making both the ocean and mountains available in a matter of a few hours. Chapin is also right by Lake Murray, so if you don’t have access to Pine Island or don’t prefer going to the public beach, chances are you will soon meet somebody who owns something on the lake (just don’t mention your hopes at the first play date, khm).

With Chapin`s close location to I-26, you can easily be in the mountains or at the beach in a few hours.

With Chapin’s close location to I-26, you can easily be in the mountains or at the beach in a few hours.

4. Exceptional Schools

Many of Chapin’s schools boast some of the state’s best principals, teachers and students. Just to mention a few gems, Lake Murray Elementary School’s principal has been named “Principal of the Year.”

Chapin Elementary has a program for special needs kids, one of the only ones in the area, where lots of children receive quality help and advance tremendously to the joy of their parents.

Chapin High School has recently received the Palmetto’s Finest Schools Award. I know that if we decide to send our children to school here, they will receive a high quality public education.

Chapin High is one of the very best in the State!

Chapin High is one of the very best in the state!

5. Family Friendly Activities

Besides the above-mentioned opportunities, there are several other things to do in Chapin. For example, the cute little library and the Chapin Theatre provide cultural activities. Chapin Christian Gymnastics and the Rec center at Crooked Creek are wonderful places for sports and recreation. The Chapin Labor Day Festival and Parade is a super fun event where your family can shop, eat and play all day.

Chapin`s Labor Day Festival is a must!

Chapin`s Labor Day Festival is a must!

If you are new here, I hope this (non-exhaustive) list was an exciting foretaste into what it`s like to live in Chapin. Long time Chapin residents, what did I miss?

Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn / Foter / CC BY-NC,; Chapin High picture credit, Chapin Labor Day Festival picture credit

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