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6 Great Birthday Gifts for Babies

6 Great Birthday Gifts for Babies | Columbia SC Moms BlogAh, another Saturday, another stack of invitations to baby’s birthday parties. But what do you buy for the squishy toddler who has everything? Another toy to clutter up their living room? Their 10,000th stuffed animal? Or how about something fun and different that the parents might actually be excited about? Here are some of my favorites:

6 Great Birthday Gifts for Babies | Columbia SC Moms Blog

We did a color throw on Finn’s first birthday!

  1. Kid still in diapers? Bring diapers. Lots of diapers. You can’t go wrong.
  2. Building a child’s library is always a wonderful idea. Bring a few of your favorite children’s books and write a little note inside about why you love them.
  3. Think experiences rather than stuff: a gift card to Sweet Cream Co. for an ice cream date, a gift certificate for the Big Mo drive-in theater, or a gift certificate to The Mad Platter for some pottery painting fun! 
  4. Feeling extra generous? Spring for a membership to the Riverbanks Zoo or Edventure for an entire year of fun outings! 
  5. Think about the parents! (Let’s be honest, they’re the real heroes here.) Get them a gift card for a great dinner out and offer to babysit for free. Perhaps also bring a bottle of wine. 
  6. When in doubt, ask the parents. Maybe they have a special toy or book in mind they’ve been hoping for. Or if you’re really lucky, the little cutie will have their own Amazon wish list. 

6 Great Birthday Gifts for Babies | Columbia SC Moms BlogWhat are the best (and worst) baby gifts your child has received?

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  1. Michelle Lucas
    Michelle Lucas May 17, 2017 at 7:56 am #

    We opt for “no gifts please” and put it on the invites for our kids’ parties. For family members and close friends we ask for donations to their college funds rather than gifts.

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