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A Letter to My Burnt Out Kindergartener

A Letter to My Burnt Out Kindergartener | Columbia SC Moms BlogTo My Dearest Kindergartner,

I love you. You are amazing in every way, but you know that. Every morning you wake up and get dressed to go off to school. For the first five years of your life your only responsibility was to wake up and be awesome. Now, the world weighs on your shoulders.

You were so excited that first day of kindergarten, and still are about certain aspects of your day. You love going to school and seeing your friends. I now know without a doubt your favorite subject is recess. I still see you are the same boy, just a little more anxious.

I Understand…

When I was in kindergarten we were learning our ABC’s and 123’s. We learned about school rules and how to sit still. You were way beyond that before you even started last August. You learn geometry and world cultures. You’ve already asked for your first chapter book.

When you come home and talk about your mind being exhausted, it hurts me inside. Seven hours is a long time for such a young child to think. You are expected to sit quietly, not your strong suit. You learned more in the last seven months than I had to learn in my first two years of school. I am so proud of you though. You have no idea.

When I tell you that you have homework you get upset. I understand even if I won’t tell you that. I know after your long day the last thing you want to do is more work. I will help you though. I am always here to help you. I am always here to listen to you.


We all know it’s not easy that first year. But honey, it’s almost over. Think for a second about how much you learned in this first year. You came home the other day to tell me about the African penguins and how populated China was. Talk about a mama shocker!!!

I am so proud you can already read. That first book you read by yourself brought tears to my eyes. Not because I was sad, but because you are just too dang smart. I can’t get over the fact you already know all of your addition and subtraction from 1 – 10. Mama didn’t do that kind of math till I was in second grade! 

I am so stinking proud of you kiddo. I know it hasn’t been easy, but nothing in life really is easy. You have accomplished so much. Soon, you will graduate kindergarten and become a big bad first grader. Just don’t go around puffing out that chest. It’s unbecoming. 

I Love you To the Moon and Back,

Your Burnt Out Mama


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