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Christmas in July?! Why Stocking the Aisles Now is a Good Thing

Christmas in July - Why Stocking the Aisles Now is a Good Thing - Columbia SC Moms Blog

I’ve heard and read comments in years past starting about this time of year about Christmas. Comments like, “Can you believe _________ already has Christmas stuff out to sell?” “Can’t we get through the other fall holidays before you throw Christmas stuff in my face?”

And you know what? I get it.

I mean, afterall, who really wants to think about Christmas when it’s 100+ outside and all you want to do is take a cool dip in the pool?

But let me give you something to think about.

I was at a store 2 weeks ago when I noticed it. Aisle after aisle after aisle of Christmas stuff. Ornaments, wreath bases, trees, ribbon. You get the picture.


All I remember thinking is, “Oh boy. I’m going to start hearing people complain about Christmas decor being out too early.” It made me ill to my stomach because as someone who used to work in retail, it really didn’t bother me that we started decorating in August and September.

So what’s the other side I want you to consider? Sales for a chain store? Revenue for a chain store?

No. It’s none of those things. Not really. Instead it has to do with crafters. Crafters who make a living by making homemade goods for people like you and me to buy. Let’s face it, I have several rolls of ribbon and deco mesh. All bought on clearance with the best of intentions to make something out of it for the various holidays throughout the year. And guess what all those things are still wrapped in cellophane. Because as crafty as I can be from time to time….life gets busy.

So what about crafters? Well in order for them to get their products ready to sell at craft events closer to the Christmas season, they need their materials NOW. In order to make homemade goods for their families and friends, they need the supplies NOW. The beautiful works of art they create take time to make.

So as you go out shopping in the coming weeks, think of the Christmas items you see in the stores a little differently. No one says you have to buy anything now. If the thrill of last minute, rushing, and hoping something isn’t already sold out is your thing. Go for it. But let’s also think about some alternative reasons why the stores are already stocking their shelves in July when Christmas isn’t until December.

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